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White Rabbit Cannabis App How-To

The new White Rabbit Cannabis App offers great perks and incentives. Learn how to take advantage of the new app to enjoy many advantages. You get 200 bonus Rewards credits just for installing it, (A $200 value!) and unlock special App only notifications. Want to take advantage of storewide 15% off sales? Then, take heed, because you need the App to know the dates and times!

How To Get The White Rabbit Cannabis App: Step One

To use the new App, first go to the App store for your device and download it conveniently to your mobile device or tablet. So, go to the Apple or Google Playstore to download the FREE App.

At the App store for your preferred device, search “White Rabbit Cannabis” or just scan the QR code or type in the link below to download it directly to your device.

Click this Link: White Rabbit Cannabis App or type this url into the web browser on your phone: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.springbig.whiteRabbit

Or use this QR Code below by using the QR Code scanner found on your phone.

Apple Users

Apple Users QR code to download the White Rabbit Cannabis App

Android Users

Android Users QR code to download the White Rabbit Cannabis APP

After Downloading The White Rabbit Cannabis App: Next Steps

After downloading the App, first make sure to install it and accept notifications for it.

  1. After you download the App, go to your device settings icon, click it, and then scroll down until you see “Apps”, then click “Apps”. Scroll down to find the White Rabbit App, then make sure Notifications for your new App are turned “ON”. The device settings icon looks like this: settings icon and the White Rabbit Icon looks like this: white rabbit cannabis app icon
  2. Exit your phone settings, then click on the White Rabbit app icon from the screen where you see apps on your mobile device or tablet. ( white rabbit cannabis app icon ) click it to open it the app opens up. You will see a menu at the bottom of the screen – It looks like this:
    white rabbit navigation icons
  3. Next, click the White Rabbit image at the bottom center of the app. Select “My Account”
    my account app icon for white rabbit app
  4. Then select “My message and notification settings” You can customize how you wish to receive messages, including email and texts. (NOTE: The QR code on this screen can be used to check in at the shop. The budtender can scan this QR code to find your Rewards account)
    my profile home screen


    When you hit “Recent History, then you get these options to review your Rewards and Recent Purchase activity.
    purchases and redemptions screen
  5. Check out the other sections of the app using the other App icons at the bottom of your screen to see the specials, your current points and use the online store. On your profile page set up your preferences too. You can also refer a friend to earn points!

    The various pages of the App look like this:
    my profile home screen REWARDs screen message center white rabbit cannabis app offers section screenshot white rabbit cannabis app online shopping page message page example

Each Section Of The App Explained

Check out your profile page first. You want to make sure the info is correct.

My Account:

Click the White Rabbit icon at the bottom of the app

my account app icon for white rabbit app

This opens your “Profile” page:

  1. Click these 3 black lines to earn more points by Referring A Friend. Both you and your friend earn an additional 100 Reward points ($100 value) as a result!
    refer a friend
  2. This is a QR Code that represents your Rewards membership number/phone number.
  3. “My Account” Click this button to access the preferences options
  4. . “Recent History” shows what your latest Rewards activity events and transactions were
  5. Here is all your member info.
  6. The stars represent different category interests. Set your preferences for what categories you like best so we can customize messages to your main interests. Just click on the “heart” next to the “Star” icon.
    main interests stars
  7. The bottom of the screen is the main navigation menu. Click on those icons to navigate the app


Find out how to hit benchmarks for a variety of discounts and get the most out of your Rewards account as you accumulate points.

rewards icon pointed out by arrow

Each dollar spent counts as a Reward points. However, you can also earn Reward points for free by referring a friend or spending $50 or more when you shop. You will also see how many points your currently have earned and available to use.

white rabbit app rewards  and offers screen
See your Reward Options and point tally here


The Offers section shows you what daily deals are available. Every day a discount is available on a specific product category. We also offer Early Bird specials. See what is happening day to day here.

offers icon with an arrow pointed at it
offers section screenshot white rabbit cannabis app

Message Center

The Message Center contains the recent Notification Messaging. This is where you get the inside scoop on Flash Sales and more.

message center app icon with arrow pointing at it

If you have recently checked your notifications. Then your screen will look like this:

message page example

However, if there is a new notification message to check out, then you see the latest message notification. It will look similar to this:

new notification message page


The online shopping cart takes you directly into the online store. You can easily place an order and pick it up in store same day or before the end of the next business day.

online shopping cart icon with arrow pointing at it

This takes you directly to the online shopping experience. Simply hit the “Back” button on your phone, or click the “X” in the upper left corner to return to the App.

online shopping page

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