July 4th Sale


White Rabbit Cannabis Anniversary!

White Rabbit Cannabis anniversary is always a party and a big sale event of the year.

white rabbit anniversary

Celebrate with White Rabbit Cannabis

July 1st

Four Year Anniversary

Come in on July 1st and join the party! Let us shower you with our love and appreciation for all your support. July first marks our fourth year of being on Highway 99 and serving our customers and our community. We are so grateful for the business, the feedback, the love and everything else that makes you all the best customers in the world.

There is a store-wide discount of 10%, unless something is already marked down, like Island Gro, which starting July 1st is 20% off for the entire month!

Thank you all again, please come see us so we can thank you in person!

June 30

15% Off All Hashish

How about all our hashish on sale today! The Caterpillar is going to need a bigger hookah!

July 1

10% Storewide Discount!

Today we give thanks to all of you for being the great customers you have always been!

July 2

15% Off High Drate Juice

Summer is here and the time is right for drinking some High Drate cannabis infused juice beverages! Drink them straight or use them as a mixer, just don’t drink and drive!

July 3

15% OFF Verdelux edibles

Some of our favorite infused chocolates are on sale today. Verdelux, Melts in your mouth… and in your mind…

July 4th Sale

Keep the party rolling with us on July 4th. Let’s get the Summer rolling in style. Just a reminder too, please be safe and make sure your pets are ok when the fireworks start! (We have found that the Fairwinds Companion CBD for pets can help)

Loyalty Program

If you are looking for weed discounts then becoming a member of the White Rabbit Cannabis Loyalty Program provides awesome benefits.

  • Membership is anonymous. You create your own user name and password and check in when you arrive.
  • Get a jump on what is coming into White Rabbit. We let you know first so you don’t have to miss out
  • Now offering daily weed discounts, and more discounts mean you save money on the best collection of organic bud in Western WA
  • We don’t spam you to death. You get two notices per week.
  • Membership is FREE. Why would we charge you when we are trying to give you savings?
  • You can create a profile and set your own preferences. So, you want to only know about flower specials? No problem.
  • Invitations to our member’s only loyalty program special events

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


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