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White Gorilla | Pura Vida Cannabis

White Gorilla from Pura Vida is one of their many great strains

Pura Vida Cannabis White Gorilla Strain

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Just tried White Gorilla from Pura Vida Cannabis. Get ready to breath in that Pure Life with Pura Vida flower or concentrates during this week’s White Rabbit Vendor Day.

Cracking open the jar of white gorilla strain flower is like  ripping opening a present with something shiny inside; the feeling of excitement builds with the first sight of the jar, escalating as the seal is broken. You feel your heart race as the aroma of their flower starts to tickle your nose. Until finally, you feel dizzy with eagerness, making you want to open the jar for a second time. Then, burying your nose into the jar just to get more.

Holding this flower in your hand is like holding a little jewel, so perfectly shaped and sparkling. It’s almost sad to see it broken up. But it must be done.

As you break the bud, bursts of aroma tease your senses. The flower covers your fingers with sticky trichomes so much you want to lick your fingers. And I did.

pura vida white gorilla

White Gorilla

The flavors, of the White Gorilla at least, was clean and fresh, like picking fresh mint and tasting it before dropping in your tea. It only made me more thrilled to smoke it. Even the sight of the bright frosted green leaves, sparkling with keif, only added to the spell that drew me in. Pura Vida promises an amazing experience.

Okay. The bowl is loaded, the joint is rolled, the dab is loaded and banger hot, we’re ready. Their concentrates look super crystally, like sugar just ready to melt into sweet sweet vapor. Now back to the flower. The smoke flows as you inhale, smooth as water over ice. It reaches inside and covers everything. You feel a warmth that spreads out till it reaches the top of your head.

As you know of course, what you’re smoking will really depend on the affects you feel, but thankfully Pura Vida has something for every occasion.

We look for ward to seeing you this vendor day Friday from 4pm – 7pm.

– Kali Mist, your online budtender

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