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Western Cultured prerolls are solid pure flower joints of their high quality buds.

Western Cultured Prerolls

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15% off on 4/4/19!

Western Cultured delivers consistently great flower and their prerolls, especially the kief infused ones definitely go the distance. In fact, the ride feels like someone just propped up the cloud pillows and gave you a foot rub to boot. In this case, as a fan of the kief infused dutch treat, I love the way the taste captures the great and classic hybrid perfectly.

You get it in all its hash like splendor. Then, the kief provides that little something extra that puts the joy in the ride.

A lot of our regulars swear by Western Cultured prerolls. Indeed, the common feedback is that they don’t run and they don’t taste stale. So, most of our budtenders recommend them. Especially,  when someone wants to try a good new preroll then Western Cultured always gets that knowing nod.

western cultured preroll

Introducing Kali!

Please welcome our new online budtender Kali to the White Rabbit Cannabis family! Kali will be posting on our Facebook page and answering any questions about strains, vendors, trends, and anything else that comes up when it comes to cannabis.
So without further ado…
Hi, I’m Kali…
Some thoughts to share: If you smoke enough, then the hallucinatory properties come out. Most experienced users tolerate it well, but it does have a reputation for paranoia. If you start to think your television is trying to suck you inside, you’ve had enough.
Obviously I’m legal …. I’m 26 yrs old.
My favorite strains …. Blue Dream, Purple Punch, and Ghost Pie.
What gets me through the day …. Joints, Sticky bud, citrus flavors, joints, Limonene, and JOINTS!!!!
Be gone before morning …. Dry flower, Dirt bud, a broken joint. And what shouldn’t exist …. Hate of all kind, pesticides, bad weather.
Because I’m wishing for …. To be the best budtender I can be, and help all the people who need it. To stop the over use of prescribed medication . Love my family to back me up! …. White Rabbit is well known for its friendly and helpful staff, as well as quality product that differs from our lovely neighbors. We strive to be different than your average cannabis shop and hope to bring peace, love, and great cannabis to everyone we can.
I’ve always been this way …. A little bit of an air head, I admittedly smoke a little too much, but I’m working on moderation. I’m a chatterbox, who loves to listen. Feel free to talk to me about anything!
But back to the bud, I’ve been in the industry a little over a year and I can’t believe all that I’ve learned! I’ve found new strains to help with my depression as well as helping me with social anxiety situations, as well as just enjoying my time on this place called Earth. My hope is to continue a steady pace of learning, while continuing to try new ways to consume this amazing herb.
I’m a born and raised Washingtonian who hates the rain, but can’t get enough of this beautiful state. The people here are inspiring with how they keep on truck’n even during the hard times. I do a little house gardening, but not the ganja because I’m too new to take on such a project. A smoker for a good chunk of my life, and can remember the first time I took a toke of the good stuff. A fun, magical day of rock climbing and Sasquatch sightings that will stay with me till the end!
I’ve recently been on a joint binge, , but I do love a good hand held pipe from time to time. A collector of glass am I, with a love for the Bob Snodgrass and every color changing piece! One could say I collect too much…..I don’t talk to them much LOL
So hello and salutations to all of you amazing Rabbits out there! As I said…  I love a good joint, not a blunt, but a joint; one that doesn’t run or get sticky on your lips and tastes floral and sweet. Feel free to hit me up on our Facebook page. I will be answering questions online as well as giving commentary on our products with all the other members of the White Rabbit family! So please feel free to ask me any sort of questions you might have, I’m more than happy to answer them for you! I look forward to meeting you and sharing the love for this amazing plant!

THC Express Vendor Day

4 to 7pm 4/5/19

Absolutely incredible edibles from THC Express! Come by between 4 and 7 pm on Friday to learn more about THC Express,  and chill with these fine folks.

Agrijuana Large Quantities

15% off 4/5/19

Fabulous flower and a chance to save 15% on their large quantities. We have 1/2 and full ounces of a few great strains like Jack Skellington, Dutch Hawaiian, and Blue Cheese and Alien Rock Candy.

GreenRush Featured Farm


GreenRush is our featured farm this coming Saturday so all their great products get marked down 15%!

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