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Vuber dabber is a great dab battery stocked at White Rabbit Cannabis.

New Vuber Dabber Vape Products

This is our new wireless Dab Rig in the house! And this little guy packs a punch. Small and portable, this thing is extremely convenient for on the go dabs or someone looking for simplicity for their dabs.

The functionality mirrors the Dr. Dabber Boost Black with a three click for the titanium nail and and five click for the quartz and ceramic. The case itself is actually water proof and meant to be taken any where you venture. Our rep literally threw it into a river and it happily floated along! (we don’t suggest this)

For $122 this really is a great product for a great price. Vuber’s Life Time Warranty covers the battery itself in case something goes wrong. If it is a part needs replacement, then it will be done. If it’s just broke then they will swap you out a new one. However, that does not cover the glass included with unit. We have  replacements should someone break theirs. There are two of these bad boys in the house waiting for a home! If you would like to hear more about this
device please email me or see me in person.. In my opinion, these are extremely simple to use and awesome for taking big rips. The future is here.

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