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Verdelux Bon Bombs | Discount | Review

Verdelux Bon Bombs makes some of the finest cannabis chocolates in the world. They are literally that good!

verdelux bon bombs

Verdelux Bon Bombs Go Boom

If you are a serious fan of chocolate, and love cannabis edibles, then please try the Verdelux line of canna chocolates. These are one of the few canna chocolates that actually remind me of how great the combination of chocolate and cannabis is from when I first tried a chocolate cannabis edible in Amsterdam at a Cannabis Cup many years ago. If you know how great Dutch chocolate can be, then that is the level of delicious I am talking about… but even better because it is infused too.

Are Verdelux Bon Bombs The Best Cannabis Chocolates?

They come in a variety, so if your preference is dark or milk, sativa or indica or cbd, with mint, with caramel, you name it and they probably do it. If life is a box of chocolates, then hopefully it is a box of Verdelux chocolates.

Verdelux Bon Bombs Are Very Tasty And Potent

Their chocolate is smooth and full of flavor, hints of raisins, coffee, and caramel rapturously wind around that incredible cocoa and there is no weedy “just ate some hay” aftertaste. So, you can enjoy just the chocolate aspect, but definitely keep in mind the dosages if you eat a few. Don’t tempt fate by over-indulging.

Also On Sale…

Wednesday Nov. 7 – Verdelux chocolates on sale. Be careful because these are so delicious.

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Friday Nov. 9 – Cannaburst  Vendor Day, 4 to 7pm and Agrijuana in large quantities will be discounted 15% off

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Also… check out the freshly stocked Bargain Bin!

Green Rush

Prerolls on sale

Nov 8

On sale Nov 8, Green Rush prerolls in an assortment of strains on sale for Thursday.

Vendor Day Cannaburst

Friday Nov. 9

Cannaburst will be here for a vendor day. They will be handing out non-infused samples of their canna edibles. We should all be grateful for products like Canna Burst to still be available! They will be here from 4 to 7pm to talk about their products.


Nov 9

Agrijuana produces some fine top shelf organic cannabis. If you are looking to get a bigger quantity at a better price, then drop in on Friday. We will feature all their multi-gram selections at a 15% discount.

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