Valentines Day Special

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Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day come into White Rabbit for 15% off our Verdelux edibles, including their Illuminations hard candies and Bon Bombs chocolates, and all our bath products. Treat your special Valentine to candy that is better than sweet. Or treat someone to a lovely scented bath bomb that truly is… the bomb.

Valentine’s Day Specials at White Rabbit Cannabis

Sure, some say Valentine’s Day is not really a holiday, and it is just a day contrived to make you have to buy Hallmark cards… But seriously… what could possibly be wrong with sharing love and affection? If you have a problem with that then time to remember the timeless words of Buddy Holly… “Love’s real, not fadeaway!”

More Valentine’s Day Specials

If you think things like bath and body products or candies for Valentine’s Day have a been there done that quality, check out our other Valentine’s Day Specials.

Fainting Goat Ounces 15% Off

Gotta get your goat! Fainting Goat just keeps impressing us. It is much beloved by our budtenders and our customers. Between the great price and the fine smoke, greatness lies.

Saturday Bargain Bin Re-stock

Every Saturday, the most amazing deals allowed by law added to the bargain bin. Find deals in there up to 50% off! It might be that strain you always wanted to try…

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