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Trail Blazin Vendor Day

Trail Blazin’ cannabis is a solid new addition to the White Rabbit shelves.

Trail Blazin’ Cannabis

Vendor Day

From 4 – 7pm 6/28

Trail Blazin’ keeps blazing new trails! Come meet one of our newest and most popular vendors. Indeed, Trail Blazin’ will be here from four to seven pm and offering a 15% discount while they are in the shop.

Currently we have Grapefruit, Northern Lights, and Space Wrangler in flower, plus an assortment of joints.

trail blazin graperfruit sativa

White Rabbit Cannabis Anniversary!

Come celebrate our 4 year anniversary in July. We look forward to thanking you all; so we plan on a few surprises and fun times ahead! Thank you all so much for the support, and we will keep serving you and the community. As always, if there is anything we can do to improve your experience, then don’t hesitate to let us know.

June 28

15% Sourface Big Sacks

Everything a 1/4 oz and higher is marked down. Great way to make sure you have enough bud for the weekend.

June 29

Green Rush 15% OFF

Time to rush in and take advantage of the sale on all our Green Rush products, flower, prerolls, concentrates, everything.

June 30

15% Off all our hashish!

All our hashish goes on sale for the Caterpillar’s Choice concentrate today.

June Food Drive!

The last few day to take part in our food drive and save. For June, if you bring in an item for our food drive, then you can get 5% off your entire purchase! Pay it forward and we will make it worth your while. For less than a buck you can help someone and save a few bucks at the same time!

Loyalty Program

If you are looking for weed discounts then becoming a member of the White Rabbit Cannabis Loyalty Program provides awesome benefits.

  • Membership is anonymous. You create your own user name and password and check in when you arrive.
  • Get a jump on what is coming into White Rabbit. We let you know first so you don’t have to miss out
  • Now offering daily weed discounts, and more discounts mean you save money on the best collection of organic bud in Western WA
  • We don’t spam you to death. You get two notices per week.
  • Membership is FREE. Why would we charge you when we are trying to give you savings?
  • You can create a profile and set your own preferences. So, you want to only know about flower specials? No problem.
  • Invitations to our member’s only loyalty program special events

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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