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Dream City Vendor Day 4 to 7pm

Dream City drops by today for a vendor event.

aj's sour diesel

Dream City Vendor Event

The popular cannabis company Dream City will be on hand to answer questions about their products and offer a discount too. Come see what makes their weed so special!

Whether it is the high level of organic and sustainable growing techniques, including using natural predators to reduce pests, or their attention to detail, top notch.

Toy Drive

Bring a toy, save 10% through November.

Every Day Discounts

Friday 10/19 Heritage Group big quantity discount

Saturday 10/20 Western Cultured Featured Farm

Vendor Day

Dream City

Friday 10/19 – Dream City Vendor Day, 4 to 7pm

Fairwinds Tinctures

25% off! Time is running out to take advantage of this incredible sale on the Fairwinds line of tinctures.

Leafwerx Lil Blazers Joints

Try Leafwerx Lil Blazers. Made from high quality bud, not trim.

Fairwinds Tinctures

For those that want to enjoy cannabis, but prefer not to inhale it, then tinctures offer the best method of consumption. You can control the dosage easily. The effects are nearly immediate. Even better, Fairwinds tinctures come in a variety of ratios of THC to CBD. This means you can find the one that best suits your needs in terms of using it either medicinally, or for recreation.

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