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Top Shelf Ounces Sale

Top shelf ounces on sale this week. White Rabbit has a good menu selection of flower from Spady Bud, Island Gro, Agrijuana, and more. You can also still find great prices on all our ounces including top quality but lower priced buds from Fainting Goat.

Top Shelf Ounces 15% Off

Just because they are top shelf ounces, doesn’t mean high prices. The Agrijuana Dutchberry and Dutch Hawaiian look fabulous. Getting these classic strains for under $200? Life is good. While we are going Dutch… Don’t forget the Dutch Treat from Island Gro.

Compare Our Top Shelf Ounces Prices

When it comes top shelf ounces, there is plenty of competitive pricing on our “green mile”. We know you have plenty of options. So, we look for the best. Because low prices are one thing, but great weed is another. If you are paying low prices for so-so bud, then what’s the point? Great bud at low prices. That’s the ticket.

More Great Cannabis Deals This Week

You can find all these great vendors for 15% off on the selected daily specials.

Happy Apple Beverages


The crisp taste of apples and no nasty aftertaste make Happy Apple so wonderful. These bubbly juices come in a few flavors and all of them taste amazing. They grow their own cannabis to process for THC and CBD options as well. One of our customer’s favorites!

happy apple beverages

Evergreen Herbal Edibles


Evergreen Herbal edibles on sale today.

Doc Croc Prerolls


Doc Croc has consistently good quality prerolls. Check our menu out for what strains are currently available. (While supplies last)

Dose Vendor Day


Dose drops by from 4 to 7pm for a vendor day event. Meet the peeps from Dose and learn about their concentrates. They do dabs, syringes of RSO and more.

Pura Vida Cannabis


Come by on Saturday for Pura Vida Cannabis. As our featured farm, all their products will be marked down 15%!

Bargain Bin


Every Saturday we add items to the bargain bin. If you don’t know about this, then you are missing out! You can find incredible deals on very unexpected items…

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