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THC Express Edibles

THC Express Edibles make the day delicious. Wednesday, get THC Express edibles for 15% off. Always check every day for our daily discounts at White Rabbit Cannabis!

THC Edibles infused confections on sale

Besides THC Express edibles, this week features more great daily specials.

  • On Thursday, find Dose infused prerolls on sale.
  • Friday, SORRY, CANNABURST has to reschedule our vendor day! Island Gro bags over 1/4 oz reduced 15% all day long
  • Banano Buds goes out for Farm of the Day. So, all their great stuff available for 15% off.
  • Waterstone concentrates, the Caterpillar chooses wisely. Great RSO syringes, check them out.

Green Rush flower 20% Off

Time to rush in for the Green Rush flower. The buds from Green Rush taste amazing. They specialize in getting the cure just right. You don’t see that too often any more. Which is funny.  Because with a name like Green Rush, you might expect them to hurry things up.

No, in fact, they take their sweet time. To fully get the blossom of the scents and fullness of flavors, patience is a virtue.

Also, find the familiar and the unique in their strains.

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