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Super Lemon Haze

SLHReviewSuper Lemon Haze is one of the Caterpillar’s favorite strains…

Super Lemon Haze From Western Cultured

I like Marijuana! I especially like Marijuana that makes me feel clever; and after smoking this example of Super Lemon Haze I can most assuredly say it was a clever moment indeed when I purchased this weed. The scent alone is worth half the price of the beautifully manicured bud from this phenotype of Super Lemon Haze. It’s not slightly lemony, or sort of tangy, and it certainly does not smell like Lemon Pledge. It is warm ripe Lemons when I inhale from the bag through my mouth, the flavor is more pronounced, complete with a sour finish.

Using A Vaporizer For Super Lemon Haze

As is usually the case, I recommend a vaporizer and if possible attach it to a Hookah. Back when I first started using Cannabis, all we had were Hookahs, so when vaporizers came onto the market I was not so excited to try them. Well, I am here now saying that when you imbibe flower of this outstanding quality, a vaporizer brings out the best. I still love my water pipe, it gives weed a unique flavor and adds a textural element. Yet when the flavor is this clean, I will always go for the vape.

The first toke was crisp and felt surprisingly delicate on my mandibles. After a few seconds the lemon flavor took over and finished with a powdery softness. The terpenes tickled my nose and the first hit made me sneeze.

The Effects Of Super Lemon Haze

How on earth a caterpillar could have hay fever is a mystery to me. Such is my lot in life. It is actually not as uncommon as you might think. I have talked to a few butterflies and what I have gathered thus far is approximately 48 percent do have pollen and related allergies. You see it’s really quite easy to tell the ones that do based on their erratic flight patterns. The reason for this, so I am told by those far wiser than myself, is because they are constantly sneezing. It sounds a little strange to me also, but as I gather more facts I’ll keep you posted. Hopefully I’ll be able to outgrow this in my pupal stage, otherwise flying about eating pollen will be a real pain in the ass.

There is a slight difference between the first hit and the subsequent ones to follow, but not near as severe as the difference when burning Muggles (Before Harry Potter, Muggles meant Pot.) in a water pipe. This product was properly grown, harvested at the right time, and well flushed. The exhale was quite smooth for commercially cured pot.

Super Lemon Haze Is A Top Three Favorite Strain

Super Lemon Haze has always been one of my personal top three strains, so I have smoked a lot of it, and presently, the ladies and gentleman at Western Cultured are growing what I would consider the finest one I have tried. My only advice for them is to keep doing it. As for the high, it is Sativa all the way. It requires a few minutes to take control so I would advise starting with just a couple of hits and allowing things to develop. It’s very alert, and for myself three good sized hits left me just a tad antsy, but not in a tense way.

A Creative Strain

I really feel like doing something physical yet creative, like working in my garden. This is not what I would call a munchie weed, but it would be a good accompaniment for cooking a gourmet meal. The physical part of this smoke seems to be centered behind my eyes and betwixt my antennae as well as in the five pair of shoulders above my prolegs.

 At present I am feeling a bit silly and I can tell by my current perspective that this herb was raised with love. I think absolute perfection could come about with this pheno if it was given a 45 day cure in a humidor, but I also understand that the high demand for this gem does not allow for that. If you appreciate flavor and a classic Sativa experience you will love this exquisite offering by Western Cultured. I’m giving this bud the prestigious OHTU (One and a Half Thumps Up) award.

Warm Regards,

The Caterpillar

Strain: Super Lemon Haze THC – 23.1%
Terpenes – Unknown
Grower: Western Cultured

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