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Superbowl Cannabis Specials

Superbowl Cannabis Specials for White Rabbit Cannabis include Juicy Joint 12th Fan prerolls, Green Rush prerolls, and Ray’s Lemonades. While Seattle might not be in the big game, at least 12th Fan joints still bring da’ noise. All the Green Rush joints on sale is like blitzing the quarterback and forcing a turnover.

You know the hit is coming but you don’t which one to hit first.

Superbowl Cannabis Specials At White Rabbit Cannabis

Seahawks might not be in the show, but Superbowl cannabis specials still make the game fun to watch anyway. 12th Fan has unknown lineage, but it is an evenly balanced hybrid. So expect half offense, half defense – as in half sativa and half indica.

Green Rush prerolls are consistently good. Kudos to Green Rush for being so dedicated to pesticide free and organically grown cannabis. You can taste the difference because they also get the cure just right too.

Ray’s Lemonades taste like the best sparkling lemonade you ever had. Then you remember the cannabis infusion… So delicious!

Scoring Drive

Come in while supplies last and take advantage of our great specials. We also have our regular daily specials happening over the weekend too.

  • Sunday 2/2 – Caterpillar’s Choice Concentrate of the Day is Orgrow Concentrates. Ethanol extracted hash oil!
  • Monday 2/3 – Select paraphernalia on sale
  • Tuesday 2/4 – Ray’s Lemonades on sale 15% off
  • Wednesday 2/5 – Uncle Roaner’s edibles on sale
  • Thursday 2/6 – Peace and Love Productions prerolls on sale
  • Friday 2/7 – Jolly Roger big bag special, 1/4 oz and up 15% off
  • Saturday 2/8 Kouchlock and Spokane Productions Farms of the Day, all products 15% off!

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