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Sugar Plum Strain Review | Deepwater Botanicals

Sugar Plum strain from Deepwater Botanical is reviewed by The Caterpillar

Time To Review Sugar Plum Strain

It has been brought to my attention, in no uncertain terms, that I am way overdue for writing another strain review. The situation has been dealt with by my demotion to the lowly position of Silly Poem Writer to the Queen; with the understanding that upon supplying a current strain review, I would resume employment at my old position, a substantial salary decrease, and keep my head. Considering the last part of the agreement and the relief it would bring remaining The Silly Poem Writer, my decision was not difficult. So let us begin!

As luck would have it this particular farm has amongst its stars a couple of jewels in the form of a Sativa and an Indica. The first part of the review will be Sativa.

Deepwater Botanicals Sugar Plum Strain

The Sativa I have chosen was grown by Deepwater Botanicals and Sugar Plum aptly describes what you experience as soon as you open the bag. Just like a newly ripened plum, its perfectly delicate flavor and aroma is contained in a subtle shell greedily hiding its unique tender sweetness until bitten. When you hold it to your nose and break open a bud, the crystal trichomes shatter and the terpenes burst forth a sweet peppery essence gently filling your nostrils and awakening your receptors.

Using A Vaporizer For Sugar Plum

Tonight I am using my Da Buddha Vaporizer. I will be introducing a new technique where I take the first toke through my nose. This technique is inspired partially by the famous nose hit practiced by 15 year old delinquents in Shoreline, Washington circa 1975. I never dreamed it would someday be discussed in a way that the entire modern world could read.

Considering that the only thing we had to smoke were Landrace Sativas know for inducing maniacal fits of laughter and deep philosophical thought, the “nose hit” was soon followed by the “eye hit”, and later the “elephant hit”. Stop by my mushroom sometime and I will gladly explain them if you don’t know what they are.

Tasting The Terpenes

When using this technique you are taking a much gentler inhale and the terpenes end up right where they are the most enjoyable. These particular terpenes were berry sweet in my nose. After several hits I took one through my mouth (don’t gross out, the mouth piece was not inserted into the nose). The flavor was again sweet and the exhale was slightly peppery. The feel was smooth on my tongue, throat, and lungs. I was able to take a big hit without coughing, this tells me proper flushing practices were maintained prior to harvest.

After my third hit I sneezed myself off my mushroom, telling me the terpenes were well preserved not only by proper temperature control during the flowering stage, but also with patience throughout the drying and curing process where only .03 percent of the THC was converted through decarboxylation. I will take a bong hit now and note the differences.

Using A Bong Or Hookah For The Sugar Plum Strain

When a bong (or hookah in my case) is used, I find the pepper flavor is accentuated but certainly not in an unpleasant or overpowering way. The ash burned completely and I was able clear the pipe without burning my lungs. This weed is very well grown and the high is zippy in the head and energetic in the body; a million soothing tingles traveled down my back along the area where my spine would be if I had one, and gently massaged my segments as it worked its way throughout my body.

Five minutes after I first smoked it I cleaned up my room and changed the leaves on my bed. If it were daylight I would be spinning some silk or tending my garden, but alas it is nightfall so I write.

I enjoy this smoke very much and I am finding humor in the mundane and awaked bodily senses. This is the real deal, and if the Hatter would make me a proper hat I would tip it to the crew at Deepwater botanicals.

Sugar Plum strain (S) Grower: Deepwater Botanicals Terpene % (I wish I knew) THC 29%

Part Twooooo… Are you? Two?

The Indica I have chosen is Deepwater’s rendition of Pure Afghan. I will say that I was torn betwixt this Strain and another fantastic offering known as Deepwater Purple. The fact that the grower, like myself, was completely sold out speaks for its quality. I consider myself to be under moral obligation to review each strain while under its own unique influence. So instead of the Deepwater purple, I chose as a substitute the most recent addition to the Deepwater line offered in Wonderland. Quite frankly I am not sorry that I did.

The FOBAT Strain Test For Sugar Plum And Afghan

As is always the case I began with the FOBAT test (freshly opened bag aroma and taste.) I actually just made that up, but it sounds pretty important so we’ll just go with it for now. Because it really is important. Note: If you have never put your nose right down in your container of weed. I inhaled really slowly three or four times before smoking it, you should try it. It wakes up the receptors particular to the terpenes associated with what you are smoking, I believe, gives a more complete high. I will even repeat this after I am already high, even if I don’t take another hit.

The aroma was sweet in a way more like fresh bread than honey. When inhaled from the bag through my mouth it was minty. I ground up a perfectly spongy nugget of this expertly cured ganja and loaded my vape. The anticipation proved to be not in vain. My first draw was silky smooth on my tongue and the exhale left my mouth cool. The taste was minty with a slight hint of pine. It has a subtle sweetness that made apricots come to mind. My teeth felt smooth and my mouth remained cool for quite some time, and my body felt absent for a while. This smoke took me on more of an introspective journey than I am used to with Indica, much to my liking.

Pure Afghan Indica, The OG OF OGs

Pure Afghan cannabis is an Indica in its truest form. I’m finding the effects more physically and mentally narcotic than psychoactive. I had no urge to go running wildly about like the March Hare… But, I will admit that I struggled greatly with the typing, and trust me, I struggle typing while straight. Time seemed to slow down a bit but that could have been due to my ridiculously bad motor skills that delayed my work as a direct result of the numbing effects of this pot. I was actually seeing sporadic red and blue font on my computer screen.

For fans of Indica I don’t think you can go wrong with this excellently grown strain. It is smooth to a fault. The gentle flavors and introspective mellow high would blend perfectly with a quiet evening at home. Or a cool glass of Late Harvest Riesling while watching Kung Fu re-runs. Cheers to those who did the work that brought us this peaceful offering from Deepwater Botanicals.

Pure Afghan Grower: Deepwater Botanicals Terpenes (I need something to write here) THC 24.9%

Warm Regards,
The Caterpillar

Weed can have a sacred nature. Enjoy every part of it, thus letting it enjoy every part of you.


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