sub ohm concentrates


Sub Ohm concentrates

Sub Ohm concentrates from Green Bros. Farms come in syringes designed for Sub Ohm vape tanks. Sub Ohm concentrates contain pre-activated cannabis oils. This means even if you don’t have a sub ohm tank to fill and vape the oil from it will still do the trick if ingested orally.

Sub Ohm Concentrates are versatile

You don’t have to have a sub ohm tank for sub ohm concentrates. You can fill this oil in other low temperature vape devices. Also, with pre-activated oil, you can add a few drops to create your own tinctures or drop on food to create an edible. Most other oils are not activated so they require heat to convert and activate the thc.

sub ohm concentrates


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Blueberry Diesel

Banano Buds

Strain of the Week August 11-17
Indica Dominant Hybrid

Blueberry Diesel combines legendary strain blueberry with another strain classic sour diesel. The strain deserves a well earned reputation for being a heavy sedate style indica. Also, it is typically known for being high in cbd content as well.

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Unique pipes with bee motifs that look cool and remind us all how important honey bees are to a healthy environment!

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Honu makes award winning edibles and we are happy to have them back in the shop. Still one of the best edibles in the market.

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Full flower infused prerolls from Blue Bastard are a bud tender favorite. Kief, bho distillate, and full flower joints.

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Trail Blazin’ cannabis flower on sale for 20% off all August long. Don’t miss out on this amazing bud while supplies last!

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