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Star Wars Day | White Rabbit Cannabis Sales Event

Star Wars Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day… May is a month filled with celebrations. Granted everything is weird in the time of covid-19 but we can still appreciate the good things in life.

Star Wars Day And More Specials

With May 4th celebrated as Star Wars Day, (May the 4th be with you) we kick things off but then look out for Cinco De Mayo on the 5th. We have Malverde and La Mota for sale. Mother’s Day will be all about topical massage oils, but we will also feature Rose Petal joints too.

ewok strain

Black Diamond Concentrates

Sunday May 3
Concentrates – Sugar Crystals. Honey Sugar. Live Resin Sauce. Black Diamond Extracts is calling my name this week, Ya’ll I’ve tried their Strawberry Jam and this strain is the first one I’ve encountered that tastes like Chocolate Strawberry Jam that I used to sell at farmers markets.
It has a lovely high as well. It compliments the sweet flavor by uplifting the spirit and bringing on a bright elevated experience. This is reminiscent of the day’s when you’d ask for your pp&j with the crust cut off.
Ready for a mystery? Black Diamond’s strain Mystery Girl is just that, a Sativa leaning mystery. This gets made by buying a multi-bag of seeds without knowing the strains before hand.
If that’s a little too much for ya’ we also have Lemon OG and their White Gold Live Resin Diamonds n’ Sauce. The Lemon OG is an Indica Dominate Hybrid made by crossing the Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG #18 and it is loved for its speedy and forcible effects.
Lastly we have their White Gold Live Resin, where they combine the powers of White Widow and Himalayan Gold. Expect a stain with a perfect energy boost for any lazy day as it encourages you to get up and moving!

Dose Cartridges / Star Wars Day

May 4

For those moments when you need just the right Dose. Today’s the day to pick up your favorite Dose Cartridge for less! These cartridges may not be the most clear that you’ll see on our shelves, but I guarantee a good time will be had over all! What the darker color means is that there is more plant matter in it, and makes the experience more akin to smoking straight flower.
You’ll notice a more familiar body and head high when smoking these Carts. We have 3 Sativa’s, Tropic Haze, Sky Master and Koffee Breath, and two Hybrid strains, Blueberry Pie and Sour Kush. Last but not least we have a CBD strain Sour Tsunami that has been helpful to many peoples needs.

May the 4th –  May the 4th be with you this year and this week with our Strain of the week, Ewok, by Rogue Raven – A hairy little bud that will get you out of the woods. Joints you may have also this 4th of May with our Master Yoda Pre-rolls from Alis that will be on special for this day! Maybe that’s not the Droid you were looking for? Give these Hoth Wampa Moon Rocks from Dose a try! They will knock the Force right through you!


Mortimer’s Soda

Cinco De Mayo
As its getting warmer out my taste for soda pop does increase. Its hard to resist a cold drink on a hot sunny day when the neck of a glass bottle is dripping with condensation. Its positively mouthwatering! Since we have multiple type of soda, you can quench any type of thirst.
Mortimer’s Soda’s are satisfying and taste like the real deal. Ever have a THC Rootbeer Float? Well you can now! Maybe something more spicy is on your mind, we have their Ginger Soda also!


Northwest Cannabis Solutions Edibles

May 6

Northwest Cannabis Solutions makes all your favorite edibles. You like Marmas? I thought so. What about Chewees? Of course, who can resist a great caramel… especially if it is infused with cannabis! Well, Northwest Cannabis Solutions makes all those and more.

Sweetwater Farms

May 7
Okay ya’ll, this one is harder for me because I don’t often smoke these joints. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sweetwater Farm’s flower. It’s extremely tasty and often has heavy effects. I still rave about their Space Candy and Peaches and Cream.
But their joints don’t make their way into my hold bag as often. Not unless I see a strain I must have. I find I sometimes need to massage them a little or pack it a little tighter, and then I have a perfectly smoking joint. A little extra work yes, but well worth it for the high that I receive.
Their Key Lime Chronic is a delightful sativa hybrid that has a sweet and tangy flavor. Or, go for their very popular Primus, a body hitting strain that will help ease you into a peaceful night. We also have their Mama Mia, Mystic Ribbon.
Even cooler, we have their special Barrel Aged Primus, just as groovy as their normal Primus, but with a far more refined and whiskey like flavor and easily one of our most popular premium joints. Roll on into our Rabbit Roll Day every Thursday!

Key Lime Chronic

NWCS Capsules

May 8

Remember when I said NWCS makes a lot of great edibles? Well time to make sure I include their capsules. We have all their Verdure capsules on sale for May 8. I am not so familiar with these but I know some of our most beloved customers love them. The customer is always right as the saying goes…

Soulshine Cannabis

May 9

Featured Farm

Soul Shine will literally make your soul shine with how great their flower makes you feel. Their Narnia takes you to another world and leaves you giggling through the whole journey.

Klingon will take you past the stars on an adventure into dreamland. Or get dumbed down with their Gorilla Glue and space out. Anywhere you go you’ll be happy about it. Because not only are you using quality cannabis, but a portion of their funds goes towards rescuing, nurturing, and rehabilitating homeless and neglected animals with the Emerald City Pet rescue.

Feel good in more than one way when you buy SoulShine from White Rabbit, do it on a sale day and even your wallet will be happy!

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