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St Helens Dabs

St Helens Dabs are high quality bho extracted concentrates.

St Helens Dabs

Caterpillar’s Choice

Delicious Dabs!

Come today for the incredible collection of concentrates from ST Helens. We are getting big smiles from everyone that has tasted them and staff that has reviewed them all agree.

The St Helens Dabs Glisten

The ST Helens concentrates glisten with a beautiful honey glow, taste super smooth, and deliver the goods in terms of effects. No wonder Caterpillar chose them for today’s concentrate special!
Only while supplies last, we have the St Helens dabs in the following strain concentrates:
  • Oregon Diesel
  • Mandarin Dreams
  • King Tut

St Patrick’s Special…

Green Island Growers will be 15% off all the way through to March 17. You can save on the super heady 707 Truthband, the cbd Nordle, Alien Candy, and more. Green Island’s products are organic and pesticide free. If you haven’t tried them yet then this is the time to try your luck…

Strain of the Week

Rocket Fuel from Lifted

We have been really digging the flower from Lifted! This week’s strain of the week we are featuring their Rocket Fuel at 15% off.

Monday March 11

Silicone Paraphernalia is on sale 3/11 with a 15% discount on any silicone piece. If you have ever dropped your fine glass piece and thought wouldn’t it be great to have a bong that didn’t break… Time to get in on the silicone game! You could literally drop it from that fourth floor balcony. As long as it doesn’t hit anyone in the head then you are fine. Load another one…

Product Review

Seahawks Silvertip

Western Cultured

The Seahawks Silvertip kief infused prerolls from Western Cultured provide the legions of Western Cultured fans plenty of boom. They come in two joint packs with generously dusted kief to compliment the flower. They burn very evenly and smoothly, always a plus. Sometimes the half gram sized joints have a bit of harsh edge, but in this case the kief added a hash-like smoothness to them which balanced that out nicely. I was able to bust them out at a small gathering of cannabis enthusiasts and picky ones at that. You know the kind. Weed snobs to put it bluntly. So, you know when the eyes widen and folks ask what it is then the joint is rocking… The next sign of excellence is when someone takes a pass because the level of chill has been attained.

Obviously, many ‘hawks fans are going to try this just in the spirit of the twelth man. However, just get past the catchy marketing angle and hit it like a linebacker. The lineage of Granddaddy Purple and Super Silver Haze makes a sweet hybrid of a great indica and sativa respectively. Feels like a touchdown in the biggest game of the year.

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