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Spady Bud Ounces

Spady Bud delivers great cannabis and keeps the prices super reasonable. So, always nice to be able to pass the savings on! Today, we have Spady Bud ounces on sale.

Ounces Of Spady Bud 15% Off!

Friday afternoon means a select flower goes on sale for our “big bag discount”. Today, drop in and get a big ol’ sac of Spady Bud! Right now at White Rabbit have chocolate chunk and og kush available, while supplies last!

spady bud

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Spady Bud gets a lot of love at our shop because it is such great quality at such a nice reasonable price. For that reason, Spady enjoys a very passionate following of fans who make sure we keep it stocked.

  • Friday – Spady Bud ounces on sale for 15% off
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  • Thursday – Doc Croc prerolls on sale.


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