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Spady Bud DJ Short Blueberry

Spady Bud DJ Short Blueberry takes a well known classic strain to another level. Very impressed! The Spady Bud DJ short blueberry smells literally like ripe blueberries and the taste is sweet too. Read our review down below.

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Spady Bud with DJ Short Blueberry does great justice to a classic strain, and we are trying to get more of it in. Right now, we have some other great strains from Spady though. They are well worth checking out as well.

Another great classic from them, OG Kush tastes as good as any OG Kush I have seen in the last 5 years. Agent Orange and Big Buddha Cheese also get great reviews from White Rabbit and customers alike.

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Spady Bud DJ Short Blueberry Review

This is one of the first great strains that goes all the way back to the 70s. As a potent indica dominant strain, it set a new standard and inspired growers the world over.

Like dog breeds that get over bred and develop problematic traits, some growers have not kept the gene pool intact as others. For Spady Bud, DJ short blueberry represents a very reverent take on this classic.

I was so impressed when I opened the packaging. I was not expecting it to deliver that ripe blueberry smell. Becoming accustomed to lesser versions had lowered my expectations. So I was genuinely impressed with that pungent fruity blast.

The taste delivers as well. However, that 27% THC level really brought it home. This is the strong super cannabis that scared folks back in the 70s!

Now everyone basically expects those high THC levels, but getting great taste with high potency is another matter!

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