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Soulshine Cannabis | vendor day

Soulshine Cannabis grows some fine flower and makes super concentrates too. One of White Rabbit’s favorites!

Soulshine Cannabis

Vendor Day!

4 to 7pm

Today, please stop by and meet the great folks from Soulshine Cannabis. Their products get marked down 15% while they are here and you can learn more about their strains and what makes them special. Soulshine Cannabis features some amazing and exclusive strains, including the ever popular and award winning Narnia.

They also make killer concentrates which Caterpillar featured earlier this week. We also enjoy their Lodi Dodi, Romulan, Klingon, and Mandarin Cookies.

June 7

15% 10g Agrijuana Shake

Save more on the already very affordable Agrijuana 10 gram shake. This bag of budlets offers perfect weed for prerolls or use it to make some strong cannabis butter.

June 8

Western Cultured

Featured Farm

Always a great producer and glad we have them back in the shop. Today they are the featured farm and all their products are marked down 15%!

Western Cultured

June 9

15% Doc Croc Concentrates

Caterpillar’s Choice today for the featured concentrate, enjoy some Doc Croc at 15% off!

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