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Smoke Weed With The Easter Bunny!

Smoke weed with the Easter Bunny for medical or recreational benefits…

Smoke Weed Like The Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny smokes weed; kid you not. Think about it. Of course the Easter Bunny definitely must smoke weed. How else could you come up with the idea that eating a bunch of chocolate, painting eggs to make them look psychedelic, then running around to play hide and seek with them would be a great idea? Enter the rabbit hole…

How on earth did rabbits come to represent Easter any way? If you are thinking that it might have something to do with the ancient Pagan rite called “Eastre” then don’t be so quick to hop on the bandwagon. Although, there are strong connections to Christianity, but apparently those have more to do with the running belief that rabbits were capable of virgin conception. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Here are some interesting Bunny facts, not surprisingly, some of them pertain to how fertile they are.

Stoner Facts You Probably Don’t Need To Know About Easter Bunnies:

  • Bunnies are capable of conceiving another litter when they are pregnant with one already. If you need the scientific term for your next high stakes game of Trivial Pursuit, then make sure to know “superfetation“.
  • Rabbits often sleep with their eyes open. No doubt, you would too if you pretty much had to go through life thinking that everyone would try to eat you given half a chance.
  • Bunnies appear in several religions. The ancient Aztecs believed 400 rabbits called Centzon Totochtin formed a divine party posse devoted to the celebration of drunkenness. Why not? A lot of breeding seems to go down as a result of drunken celebrations so makes sense to us.
  • Japanese folklore shares the notion rabbits live on the moon and make mochi. Going to have to take a few more hits before that makes sense

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