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Rogue Raven Farms | Vendor Day

Rogue Raven Farms was one of the original brands carried by White Rabbit.

Rogue Raven Farms

Vendor Day!

4 to 7pm 5/31/19

A vendor gracing our shelves since day one. We cannot speak highly enough for Rogue Raven Farms. They have worked hard for their great reputation and harder to deliver consistently awesome organic cannabis. Stop by today to get 15% off while they are here and learn more about this top shelf producer.

Monthly Special

June 1st marks the first day of a month long special on Dream City! Dream City has also been with us a long time. Truly, they strive to uphold the highest ideals of sustainability, transparency, and of course quality. All June long we celebrate them with a 20% discount.
We love the vendors that want to do specials like this for the fans of their products!

Daily Discounts for 5/31 through 6/7 Save 15% on these featured items

Walden large quantities from a 1/4 oz on up marked down 15%
Saturday’s featured farm Island Gro means 15% off all their products
Pura Vida Concentrates as Caterpillar’s Choice on sale
Nectar collectors all marked down 15%
Take a walk on the wildside with Wildside drinks reduced 15%
Wave Edibles come to White Rabbit; try them for 15% off!
Dose infused prerolls on sale for 15% off


10 gram bags of Agrijuana selling for 15% off. Also, Soulshine stops by between 4 and 7pm for a vendor day
June 1st we run our annual food drive. The Food Drive is 5% off purchase with any non-perishable food donation throughout the month of June!

June Month Long Special

Dream City Cannabis

All month long save 20% on Dream City. They sport more strains than we can count but we know by any name they are going to deliver the goods!

Summer Food Drive!

In June, we run our annual food drive. Bring something to donate and save 5% off your order. Any size order. That means you can get a can of soup at the dollar store and potentially save more than ten bucks. So paying it forward pays it back at the exact same time. How’s that for synchronicity?

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