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Rogue Raven Farms Cannabis | Closed For Good

Note: Rogue Raven Farms unfortunately is no longer open for biz. They were our first vendor and we loved their products. Unfortunately, after a major fire to their facility, they were never able to recover. This review was originally posted June, 2020. If you loved Rogue Raven, then you will probably like Avant Gardens and Black Diamond.

Rogue Raven Farms cannabis has impressed us since day one. In this case, that is since we opened White Rabbit Cannabis. Because Rogue Raven Farms cannabis is simply amazing. This crew grew quality flower ever since the beginning. If there was  learning curve, then they were already well ahead of it.

In fact, this producer was so ahead of the game that it kind of made grading many others difficult.

Farm of the day Rogue Raven Farms Cannabis 15% off

But, the story does not end there. These folks worked tirelessly to create many great products. Today, we love their great dabs and topicals. Check out some of their great strains like the classics pineapple chunk and Dutch Hawaiian.

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In addition to the Farm of the Day special, there are some other great deals to check out coming up!

Chong’s Choice

6/7 15% Hash

Comic legend, weed savant, and patriot of the cannabis culture Tommy Chong has licensed worthy companies to produce quality hash. We are knew to this brand, but if he is putting his name on it, then time to check it out!


Dose Cartridges

6/8 15% off

Dose makes tasty hash oil concentrates, so it is only natural to put it in cartridges too. Monday, stop by and try some of their vape carts for 15% off.

dose concentrates


Fairwinds Tinctures

6/9 15% off

Fairwinds tinctures come in a wide variety of options. With CBD, THc options in a variety of Ratios, they really hone in on what people like.

Fairwinds tinctures


Sinners and Saints

6/10 15% off

Sinners and Saints are hard candy infused edibles. This is a brand of candies from Evergreen Herbal so they are tasty as well as consistent. There are a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Check the site for availability!


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