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Red Frog Cannabis | Specials

Red Frog Cannabis comes up today for our featured farm. All day long, Red Frog Cannabis prices marked off 15% while supplies last. So, currently we have Iron Maiden, Strawberry Bananas, and Laughing Buddha strains.

red frog laughing buddha

Save Today On Red Frog Cannabis

Great organically grown marijuana worth trying out. Also, Red Frog Cannabis brings out rare and unusual strains as well.

Banano Buds 20% Off In January!

We have some great ongoing specials and daily specials to check out. Banano Buds for 20% off? Yes, you heard it correctly. Their great flower goes for 20% off all during January!

More Upcoming Specials

January 5

Orgrow Concentrates

Save 15% on Orgrow Concentrates. Caterpillar knows his dabs and he always features those he likes best. So, if you are looking for great wax, shatter, rosin, etc. then always see what the Caterpillar recommends.

January 5 – 11

Sugar Daddy By Hazy Daze

Strain of the Week

An indica dominant hybrid, Sugar Daddy crosses California Indica and Sugar Blossoms strains. Expect a nice balance of sweet and citrus notes but with a bit of skunky funk. A heady buzz and a nice body glow emanate freely.

January 7

Ray’s Lemonades Sale

If flavor means as much as potency, then you want to try a Ray’s Lemonade. Their juices and lemonades infused with cannabis are incredible. We would be drinking these even if you said they were not infused with cannabis.


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