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Pura Vida Concentrates

Pura Vida concentrates live up to the same high quality expectations of their flower.

Pura Vida Concentrates Are Awesome

If you are familiar with their top shelf bud, then you can expect the same high quality of their premium concentrates. First rate all the way. High potency and flavor for days!

Caterpillar’s Choice Pura Vida Concentrates

Pura Vida grows some superb flower, so you may want to taste their terpy concentrates. Today, Caterpillar’s Choice means you can find the Pura Vida concentrates for 15% off.

Strain of the Week

Lifted OG

A great take on the classic OG Kush indica strain from Lifted, try it this week for 15% off

Monthly Special

This month features Dream City Cannabis Flower for 20% off all month long! While supplies last so get in while you can and get an amazing deal on Dream City. They hold an excellent reputation for truly organic, environmentally sustainable cannabis. We thank them for making the deal possible for you, our amazing customers!

Pura Vida Concentrates On Sale

Daily Discounts for 6/2 through 6/8 Save 15% on these featured items

Today Pura Vida Concentrates are the Catepillar’s Choice concentrate.
Metal Paraphernalia today gets knocked down 15%. Metal means never having to worry about breaking. Perfect for travel on the Summer camping outing.
Wildside drinks from Green Revolution take on the heat and deliver the goods. Sip and live positive.
Wave Edibles make their premier appearance on the shelves and today you can get them for 15% off
Orgrow infused prerolls also make their introduction to our selection of prerolls. Indeed, give them a try for 15% off and let us know what you think!
Agrijuana 10g bags of shake selling today for 15% off. Undoubtedly, this great organic weed makes the perfect choice for rolling big fat joints. However, we know a few folks that like to make their own butter with it too.
Vendor day! Soulshine Cannabis stops by from 4 to 7 pm. During the informative visit, enjoy 15% off on all their great products. 
Western Cultured Featured Farm! Has it been that long? Yes, it has been a while, but Western Cultured is back. Get in and get Western Cultured at 15% off!

Dream City Cannabis

Best known for having a wide variety of strains and very consistent buds, Dream City remains one of our favorite producers. We go way back to the beginning with Dream City for good reason! The entire month of June get a whopping 20% off all Dream City Flower. (Not including prerolls).

Dream City puts extra effort into their products and the results show. This is top shelf bud and with the sale pricing… happy days ahead!

Lifted OG

Strain of the Week

Lifted OG marked down 15% off all week long while supplies last

Welcome Wave Edibles

Wednesday 6/5 15% off

Wave Edibles rolling out this week. Come by Wed. for a sweet sale on their sweets.


For June, we run one of our annual food drives. Bring a food item and get 5% off your ENTIRE ORDER! This means a dollar can of soup from the Dollar Store can get you over $10 off your order. While it cannot be combined with other existing discounts (sorry), you still can take advantage of saving tons all month long.

Get rewarded for paying it forward!

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