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Pura Vida Cannabis | vendor day

Pura Vida cannabis vendor event planned. Pura Vida grows high quality top shelf flower. They have gained a very loyal following of fans looking forward to their harvests. They take the extra time to do everything right in terms of the cure.

Pura Vida also specializes in growing to the highest organic standards. In everything they do, the care and attention to details shows. No wonder everyone loves their flower!

Pura Vida Cannabis

Vendor Day

4 to 7 pm

Pura Vida Cannabis plans to stop by between 4 and 7pm tonight to showcase their wonderful top shelf organic cannabis products. While they are in the store, all their products get a 15% discount. Great strains like Gorilla White, California Limes, Clementina, and Crystal Coma grace the shelves, so stop on by!

Monthly Special

This month features Green Bluff Greenhouse for 20% off all month long! While supplies last so get in while you can to try some of their landrace classic sativas like Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and Panama Red. Green Bluff Greenhouse is an amazing company, restoring classic strain genetics to their original state, a true labor of love.

This weekend 5/17 through 5/24 Save 15% on these featured items

Island Gro large quantities from a 1/4 oz on up get marked down 15%
Waterstone is featured farm at 15% off!
Fruit of the Root Concentrates as Caterpillar’s Choice on sale 15% off
Animal Glass reduced by 15%, great paraphernalia on sale
Happy Apple infused juices marked down
Cannabursts fruit chew infused edibles reduced 15%
Look forward to those amazing Sitka prerolls going on sale

Green Bluff Greenhouse

Specializing in landrace sativas like Red Congolese, Acapulco Gold, Panama Red, Green Bluff Greenhouse is our month long special. Save 20% all month long!

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