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Pudding Strain | Ceres Vendor Day

Pudding strain is an indica leaning hybrid.

Pudding Strain

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Autrees Nursery

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Autrees describes their Pudding strain as a 70/30 indica hybrid. There is a sativa dominant version of this strain but Autrees designates it as predominantly indica. In this case, I would describe it as a vibrant indica. Many folks tend to over-simplify and stereotype indica as “couch lock”. However, there are plenty of bright indicas that bring the sunshine through the windows of your mind. Take Pudding for example.

What Pudding Strain Feels Like

This  is not the type of indica that makes you want to put on a romantic comedy and eat popcorn until you fall asleep on the couch. For an indica hybrid, Pudding occupies that perfect balance of uplift without anxiousness and mellow without melt down into the floor.

Pudding Strain For Dessert

Pudding by Autrees feels like a dessert in every sense. Just looking at the sparkling trichromes, you feel giddy about digging into it because it simply looks delicious. Next, you taste it and it just feels silky and sweet and makes you want another taste. You even get that weird vibe that you don’t want to share it with anyone. Let that pass though. You don’t want to be that way. In fact, anyone you share your Pudding with will surely be grateful.


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