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Pinnacle Pure

Pinnacle Pure‘s are wonderful concentrates. Plus, talk about selection! At White Rabbit we have Crumbles, Wax’s, and Diamonds of a few different strains.

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Pinnacle Pure Concentrates

They go with some interesting strains such as Purple Punch, Cheese Quake, Timmy’s Cut, and who knows there may even be some Sour LSD left as well! Each of these strains have a unique flavor and taste. You have to hand it to Pinnacle Pure, they pull terpy deliciousness out perfectly in their oils. You can taste and feel the difference in each one.

Pinnacle Pure Dabs

Whatever type of Pinnacle Pure dabs you prefer, we make sure to listen so let us know what you like best!

Mortimer’s Soda

We Finally have soda’s at White Rabbit again! Root Beer that’s just itching to be poured over a cup of vanilla ice cream, for a fun twist on a classic desert! Maybe something a little creamy? We have Cream Soda’s, Colas, and even a Ginger Ale that’s wonderful on the tummy. Come get your pop with your pot.

mortimers soda

High Tea

There’s something to be said about a tranquil cup of tea, its warming and calming to the spirit in a single cup. Now you can mix this comforting drink with a favorite pass-time. High Tea Offers a Sencha Green Tea, a Masala Chai, and a PM Dream-time formula! Each single cup holds a single serving of 10 mg THC alongside the natural relaxing herbs you know and love.


Pura Vida

There isn’t much that needs to be said about Pura Vida, they practically scream for themselves just how amazing they are. With a constant stream of regular customers that return for their new favorites, if you haven’t had a chance to try their flower, I recommend checking them out. Come try Fuzzy Melon and tell me what its like. It has parent strains of Forbidden Fruit x Watermelon Zkittles.

Their Sour Diesel is easily one of their best sellers, and you’d better hurry to see if the Jungle Mac is left, the smooth flavors of MAC have thick zesty orange notes that are balanced out by floral accents and a sweet, earthy finish. Of course you’ll see your favorite strains, such as Gorilla White or Crystal Coma too…

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