Orgrow infused prerolls


Orgrow Infused Prerolls | Father’s Day Sale | Food Drive

Orgrow infused prerolls are full flower joints that soaked in their ethanol extracted hash oil.

Orgrow EHO Infused Prerolls

15% off June 14

Orgrow Cannabis

The Orgrow ethanol extraction process means no petro-chemicals are used to extract the oils. Orgrow creates quality cannabis oils to infuse their prerolls. We have a variety of their infused prerolls including Ace of Spades, Go Time, and Pink Lemonade. We also recommend you check out their concentrates as well, especially if you prefer concentrates free of solvents like butane, pentane, entane, etc.

Summer Food Drive

Bring in a food item for our Summer Food drive and save 5% off your entire purchase! (cannot be combined with other discounts)

Father’s Day Specials

Stop in on Sunday to make Pops happy with a handy one hitter or one of those always amazing Sitka joints wrapped in hashish!

Monthly Special

Remember, Dream City Cannabis flower goes for 20% off all month long! While supplies last and does not include prerolls. Check out the Sour Diesel review here.

Daily Discounts for 6/14 through 6/20 Save 15% on these featured items

Orgrown Infused prerolls pack extra ethanol extracted concentrate into great strain specific flower
Vendor day with Sweetwater Farms from 4 to 7pm
Fainting Goat large quantities from a 1/4 oz on up get marked down 15%
Mt Baker Gardens gets the spotlight as our featured farm, all Mt Baker Gardens on sale for 15% off
Caterpillar’s Choice concentrate today is Rogue Raven, always super popular, on sale

Monday – Dab rigs on sale today

Tuesday – Zoot drops and Zoot shots on sale today for our drink special
Wednesday – Mr Moxey’s Mints reduced 15% today for the weekly edible special

Dream City Cannabis Special

The month of June means all Dream City flower is on sale. We will have different strains coming in all month long. They don’t last long – especially with a 20% discount!

Sweetwater Farms Vendor Day

Friday June 14

From 4 to 7 pm, drop by to meet Sweetwater Farms and get 15% off any of their products while they are here.

Cornbread Indica

strain of the week

Get 15% off on this wonderful indica through Saturday the 15th.

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