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Orgrow Dabs

Orgrow Dabs continue to impress and attract a following. Orgrow has been spending years perfecting their craft and can now say they have one of the finest EHO products in Washington State. For those who don’t know, EHO stands for Ethanol Hash Oil.

Orgrow Dabs Ethanol Extracts

These tasty little grams will fill you up with joy and a feeling of peace! White Rabbit has sugar wax’s, Gelato and Afghan Cookies! Both are going to be an Indica hybrid. Gelato being the more hybrid of the two. Gelato is famous for its delicious flavor and powerful effects. Many say it is perfect for chronic pain and migraines.

The Consistency Of Orgrow Dabs

Orgrow pulls out the best in each of these strains and makes a soft dough wax consistency. It’s easy to work with and tastes great! 

EHO infused prerolls

Canna Organix

We are so grateful CannaOrganix continued their Flavored line ‘CannaWhupass’ after the vape ban was lifted. Can you remember how amazing they tasted before? Well get ready because they taste even better now!

They perfected their recipes during the flavor ban and came back tasting even better than before. With all the familiar flavors you know and love like Pineapple Crush, OMGGuava, Mango Haze, blueberry flame, and more! Each flavor is a different strain of cannabis and they bump up the flavor.

Happy Apple

I remember in my younger years I was taught how to make apple cider and that crisp taste of the apples is something I’ll never forget. Happy Apple Cider has that same freshly made taste that I remembered from my youth, with all the maturity of an adult beverage I crave after a nice long day.

We also carry their Sour Apple line called ‘The Atomic Apple’. Super refreshing and light; a wonderful combination with a good hearty meal, or as a treat after a long accomplished day!

With the sun returning, these cold drink are a cool breeze on a hot day.

Spot Edibles & Mr Moxey’s Mints

Is it too corny to say you’ll be Spot on with these edibles? Not only will these edibles hit the spot, but their effects are spot on as well.

On of their best known is “Journeyman” edibles. These take you on different paths with multiple different CBD ratios or straight THC cookies, depending on your journey. Need something a little more discreet and a little less in your mouth?

Mr.Moxey’s Mints are perfect for those “on-the-go” moments! They keep in your hand bag or pocket for when you feel like taking a slight detour off the beaten path. Make it a journey… man.

Juicy Joint

Juicy Joints live up to the name.

Its been a while since I’ve been excited about a joint special like this. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Juicy Joint recently. Ya’ll, I’m going to give you a little dish, a year ago, this wouldn’t be something I was thrilled about. Because, truth be told, I didn’t like the flavor or harshness I felt in the past.

Thankfully the team at Juicy Joints worked hard on perfecting their joints, and boy have they! I always make a point to purchase their amazingly balanced CBD & THC combo. With a 90% distillate and kief added to the mix Juicy Joint provides potent body and head experience that left me feeling a little tipsy.

Maybe CBD isn’t your thing. So, we have their pure THC infused mini’s, in every flavor you know and love, as well as Juicy Joints ‘Super’ line – Their full gram option that has enhanced flavors as well as a potent Crumble added to the infusion! Thats Distillate, Kief, and Crumble, all rolled together with a top shelf flower, to make an amazing – Nay a SUPER joint just waiting to leave you floating!


Now Fairwinds isn’t only one of our favorites, but one of the top topical vendors in the state! Their “Flow Cream’s complex formula consists of 7 primary components: An optimized blend of cannabis oil, essential oils, cannabis terpenes, herbal extracts, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and Fairwinds’ exclusive Canna Vera base.

It applies and absorbs quickly with a refreshing, non overpowering aroma, while supporting skin structure and moisture with fortified creamides and hyaluronic acid (naturally-occurring in the skin)” While their Flow CBD Deep Tissue and Joint Gel ” is a powerful topical formula designed to penetrate the skin extremely fast, delivering cannabidiol into an affected area’s within just a few minutes, as opposed to much longer wait times traditionally seen with oil or water-based topicals.”

Both of these products are top of the line, come pick some up during this special! – Learn more at

flow topical cbd cream

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