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Northwest Cannabis Solutions Edibles

Northwest cannabis solutions edibles actually encompass quite a few popular edible brands. Probably the best known are Marmas and Chewees. Magic Kitchen and Brownie Bites also set the bar as well.

marmas at White Rabbit Cannabis

15% off Northwest Cannabis Solutions edibles

Today, all the great sweet treats from Northwest Cannabis Solutions are on sale. They go pretty quickly so get in while supplies last. At White Rabbit ,¬†we try and keep a full selection of Marmas and Chewees on the shelves, but no lie, it isn’t easy to do. They go fast.

A note about edibles

If you are not familiar with using edibles, then a word of caution. The effects take a while to come on. It is easy to think it isn’t working. But don’t get impatient. When they hit, the effect is more potent feeling than other ingestion methods.

Dream City Prerolls


Dream City prerolls are made from the amazing organic flower grown by Dream City. Well rolled, full of flavor, so you know these are prerolls that deliver again and again. Try the Candy Breath!


Fairwinds Capsules


Fairwinds makes a wide variety of capsules. Now, you can find the one that works just right depending on the ratio of THC to CBD you prefer. Ask a bud tender for help if you have any questions!


Sweetwater Farms


Sweetwater Farms is one of the most popular farms we carry. Check the site for strain availability. Today, all their products are 15% off!



Our annual anniversary sale is coming up on July 1st. Come join the fun and take advantage of 10% off the entire store! This sale cannot be combined with other sales items, but it sure makes it easy to save big anyway…

Food drive still happening

Also, don’t forget to bring a can or box of food for the Edmonds Food Bank. Our customers are the greatest! You can get 5% off your purchase when you bring something for the food bank.

White Rabbit Food Drive

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