The White Rabbit Cannabis Mission

Our mission at The White Rabbit is highlighted in our motto: “Peace, love, and great cannabis.” White Rabbit Cannabis strives to bring a peaceful and loving sincerity to all our relationships. Customers, employees, regulators and law enforcement all appreciate our devotion to ethical and kindhearted interactions in our shop and community. We wish to share the loving values of cannabis espoused not just by the youth of the 60s, but also the medical benefits of cannabis known for thousands of years.

A Dedication To Service

We promise to provide unsurpassed customer service and to maintain quality and integrity in all aspects of our business. We shall remain up to date on current cannabis education and share it with those who seek it. In every way possible we shall strive to treat everyone, customers, vendors, employees, our community, with respect and acceptance. We shall work to have a positive effect on our community at large and do our part to advance the quality aspects of our industry for the benefit of all.

  • Il cliente ha sempre ragione (Italian for “The customer is always right”)
  • Mos et ius semper (Latin for “The customer is always right”)

Company Principles

White Rabbit Cannabis dedicates itself to core principles to guide it business and relationships. Our goal is lead by example and earn respect through our interactions at every level

Develop our Employees

We strive to provide the tools and environment necessary to bring both personal and professional development to each of our employees. We view the growth and development of our employees not merely as a means for increasing profits, but as an end in itself.

Serve our Clients

Our clients deserve the same level of quality, efficiency, value and professionalism that we would want for ourselves. We believe our company exists to help clients take the next step in growing their company.

Be A Good Neighbor

By keeping our property clean and tidy, and colorful with flowers growing, we wish to impact the local neighborhood in a positive way. Also, by maintaining a food bank collection for Edmonds Food Bank, we do our best to help those in need.

Respect our Vendors

Without the partnership and support of our esteemed vendors and producers, we could not do what we do. Therefore, we always work toward greater communication and understanding. Through sincerity, respect, and integrity, we instill trust and earn their allegiance to the White Rabbit Cannabis way of doing business. The result? Companies reach out and offer exclusive promotions and products to show their appreciation.

  • “White Rabbit is a great partner which is why we reached out to them for our recent Passion Flower promotion” – Jesse Huminski, Fairwinds
  • “We love White Rabbit which is why we chose them to be one of fifty stores in the state to get our new Fullspec line” – LeafWERX
White Rabbit Cannabis Lynnwood