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Vaporizers come in three main categories. These include but are not limited to dry herb vaporizers, oil cartridge vaporizers, and dab pens. Most are rechargeable thru USB or a rechargeable battery. Some will also be powered by an AC cord for at home use.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

These devices may be portable but typically seem better fitted for a table top. Some of these products capabilities include using loose flower and dabbable extract. These usually involve a mechanism that is interchangeable allowing the user to easily switch between dry herb and concentrate.

  • Dry herb vaporizers involve an electric component that warms ground cannabis in a small enclosure.
  • When the ground flower is exposed to heat, vapor is produced and the essential oils of cannabis are released. 
  • This results in a smoother smoke for the individual and makes for a more effective experience for the user.

Oil Cartridge Vaporizers

Oil cartridge vaporizers are built for cannabis oil cartridges that are interchangeable and offered in a variety of styles and oils. They are usually of one or two natures which involve the battery having a button or a self-draw mechanism.

  • These batteries are most commonly equipped with what is called a 510 thread.
  • This is the standard diameter that cannabis cartridges will screw into
  • The same thread typically found for on batteries for vaping e-juice, a liquid solution that contains nicotine.

Dab Pens

Dab pens are batteries that are used for loose extract. Dabs usually get sold in a silicone container or syringe for ease of use. The user manually fills the product into a chamber called an atomizer with a tool referred to as a pick or “dabber”.

  • Keeping replacement parts handy is a good idea since the high heat quick cooling results in a short lifespan.
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance provides a better experience all around

Vape Batteries

Batteries that feature a button usually function with any cannabis cartridge attached. Batteries that operate with a self-draw mechanism, one that activates from the user simply inhaling, may not work with some cartridges with a metal enclosure. This results from some batteries that do not have enough voltage to power certain cartridges. Also, some batteries have too much voltage for the cartridge. Therefore, always make sure to note what the cartridge packaging recommends. 

Some batteries may have features that allow the user to adjust the voltage of their battery. This gives the user the option to change the temperature of their vapor and thus gives the user more flexibility.

A new wave of cannabis batteries features a magnetic system instead of a 510 threading for ease of use. The user simply holds the cartridge near the slot and the magnetic force binds it to the battery. These devices may also be operated by a button or a self-draw mechanism. Some of these magnetic based batteries may also be interchangeable to fit a part that is meant for dabbable extract.

Some of these batteries may also feature a 510 thread and a proper voltage to be used for oil cartridges. Thus, giving the user a modular product across platforms for cannabis vaping.


The atomizer is usually a replaceable part that contains several heating elements. The element is most commonly made out of either a cylindrical quartz or ceramic rod with a metal wire wrapped around it. The metal wires heat up allowing the rods to even vape the extract.

When the loaded atomizer is about empty, the individual will cook out the remaining resin by engaging the battery. Any excess becomes thin ash, then the user adds more concentrate to dab.

Batteries at The Rabbit

Here at the rabbit we stock something for everyone. Whether you need simple and easy or something more flexible, we’re here to help you out! Please do ask our budtenders what product may be right for you.

  • Vuber Pilot: 

    Looking for versatility? Then let the Vuber Pilot guide the way! This battery features a 3-temperature setting and is equipped with a 400 mAh battery. The low temp is about 2.6v, medium 3.3v, and high 3.7v. Also featured, is a pre-heat setting. This allows for the oil to vaporize more efficiently and is an excellent ability for use in cold weather. 5 clicks in succession turns the unit on/off while 3 clicks cycle between the temperature. For the pre-heat setting, simply click the button twice. Whenever you are ready to “toke” simply press the button and hold it down. The cartridge will then produce vapor for as long as the button is held down until it reaches over ride. This prevents the battery from overheating. Easy vape at the click of a button. Also easy to charge, with a usb output charger.

  • Vuber Atlas:

    Sometimes less is more and that’s what you get with the Atlas. Easy to use, this battery has one temperature setting. Holding down the button will engage the cartridge to release smoke until overdrive. With an easy 5 on/off setting, you’ll get to vaping without having to worry about a whole lot. And with a 900 mAh battery you’ll be ready for take off without a pit stop at the charger. The Attlas is also equipped with 3.7v output to meet your cartridge and dabbing needs. The product has an 808 thread which will fit a Vuber atomizer. Which is also replaceable. Simply thread the atomizer on just like you would a cartridge, and away you go! This battery comes with a charger that is connected by a usb output.

  • The Kind Pen:

    The kind pen is ab excellent choice for some one new to vaping. It is small and very easy to conceal all while having great features such as temperature settings. This product operates at the push of a button like most like most batteries, three clicks of a button will change the temp. There’s three settings. Low at 2.4 volts. Medium at 2.8. And high at 3.2. With these settings, the user can really enjoy their oil at a low temp setting or a moderate to high setting. So for those looking for something gentle in vape, this product hits the spot!

  • Indigo Pro:

    The Indigo Pro is the Mac of all batteries. Super user friendly, sleek, discreet, and consistent. With a self draw mechanism, this buttonless battery is a power house for those who want easy to use and a lot of vapor. This unit specifically only takes cartridges designed for it which feature a magnetic base.

    Instead of threading the cartridge in, the user simply drops the cart into the top. The strength of the magnet provides enough durability to keep the cartridge in, all while allowing it to be easily removed. The carrying case for this battery also has empty slots so switching between the cartridge attached and the ones stored is really easy.

    While in use this battery will vibrate to let the user know that it is working. This provides a more discreet way of vaping. The only light feature is a ring around the button that will display that it is charging when plugged in. To charge this unit, simply attach the provided usb cord and plug it into a computer. Charging times may vary but are usually around 45 minutes.

  • Eleaf iStick:

    This unit is the strongest battery we carry. Featuring a 2,200 mAh battery with a 2-8 volt setting, the iStick is excellent for the user with battery life and versatility in mind. A digital screen runs along the side displaying the voltage, battery life, and resistance. Above the screen is the button to engage the battery and beneath are two buttons to select the voltage. The arrow up will raise the volts .1 up and the down arrow will lower the volts .1.

    This gives the user more flexibility with the temperature of their choice. If the voltage is set beneath the cartridge minimum, the battery will set the voltage. However, if the voltage is set above the cartridge minimum it will not adjust itself accordingly. We suggest leaving the battery at 2.0v for ease of use and to prevent user error.

    That way the oil in the cartridge does not over cook or break the cartridge’s atomizer. Such an event could happen if the battery is left on in one’s pocket. Something could accidentally raise the voltage too high without warning. So it is wise to check the volts before engaging the battery. This unit has a large battery capacity and may take some time to charge. Generally three hours is the wait time. The battery screen will indicate that it’s charging when turned on and will display how full it is charged, when shut off.

    Included with the unit is a male and female 510 thread that may be attached to the battery. Threading it in will allow the user to use 510 cartridge but will also provide an 808 thread for attaching an atomizer for dabs. It is not necessary to have this on for the unit to function but it is a great supplement if you want more options. This battery charges through usb and comes with the mini usb charger. As with most batteries, it is suggested that it be charged through a computer.

  • Pax Era:

    Similar to the Indigo Pro but further into the future, the Pax Era is the smart battery of the vape world. It uses Pax “pod” cartridges that are specifically made for the Era. The carts just gently slide in so it is really easy to use and swap between cartridges. While it does share similar features to other batteries like a usb port for charging, there are several that stand out.

    There are four lights on the battery that will flash and change colors to notify the user whether it is charging, in use, what temp, ect. To check the battery level gently shake the PAX side to side. The LED petals will then light up according to the charge. One petal would be lit if low or all four if fully charged.
    To change the temperature, shake the PAX gently again, and pull out the cartridge halfway. The petal lights while cycle through temps. When you find the one right for you just push the cart back in and it will lock the temp.

    With so many innovations coming out of the cannabis industry, we are starting to see more “smart” products arise. This battery also works in tandem with their app through Bluetooth. You can dial in the specific temp you’d like through the app with pin point accuracy. There’s even games you can play with the PAX and fun features that allow you to control the lighting.

Jane Air: If you like cartridges and are curious about dabs, then starting with the Jane Air could put you in good hands. With the Jane Air atomizer attatched

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