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Magic Time Farms and From The Soil | Magic in the soil

Magic Time Farms and From The Soil are two related farms/processors. Each is owned by a brother!

Magic Time Farms & From The Soil

A family cannabis farm

From the Soil and Magic Time Farms share a unique bond.

When people transplant from California to the Pacific Northwest, they often hear “did you bring the sun with you?” In the case of Artie Parent, he brought two. Two sons, that is, AJ and Andy, the owners of Magic Time Farms and From the Soil.

The sons were actively pursuing cultivation and running a medical dispensary in Southern California, but when Washington passed recreational i-502, the family made a choice to go where State law offered better clarity and security over the wild, wild west of prop 215 in Cali.

Where To Locate

They settled on Elma for several reasons. A savvy city council knew the cannabis industry meant jobs, and the Parents wanted a place where the town was completely on board with the emerging industry. Helping put over 80 people to work puts smiles on lots of faces. Buying property out there was also way more affordable than being closer to King County.

Take care of the roots…

So they came and settled in Elma Washington. Buying 18 acres of farm land, they put together two of the most state of the art growing facilities in the United States. They created not one but two brands “From The Soil” and “Magic Time Farms”. Their tier one farms grow in 10,000 square foot NEXUS glass houses that take complete advantage of the Sun’s full spectrum of light combined seasonally and timed with electric light systems. The lights augment the lumens during the shorter pacific northwest fall and winter days. The grows control every aspect of humidity, temperature, and light, essentially maintaining perfect ecosystems for cannabis to thrive.

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The plants grow in “living soil”. Nurturing the living rhizosphere of the soil’s contact with the roots takes full advantage of the natural biotic interactions. Therefore, the symbiotic benefits of properly balanced living organisms, from bacteria to earthworms, act positively upon the roots. “Take care of the roots, the roots take care of the fruits”, Artie points out.

A passion for cannabis

The brothers chose to each pursue their own brands but still work together to take advantage of each other’s skills. Andy loves developing unique strains and maintains tight relationships with some of the best known seed banks in the world. So he handles the strains and oversees the grows for both farms while AJ handles the compliance issues. Artie still owns a major print company in southern California which his daughter runs. It is best known for handling the Coachella Music Festival since it started as well as Rockstar Energy Drinks. So, dad brings the business experience in branding and marketing.

The way the brothers chose the strains each farm would carry Artie says was like picking dodgeball teams. Each brother took turns picking strains, with 16 genetics to start,  including gorilla glue, and tangie. AJ’s close relationship with Crockett Family Farms and Rare Dankness provides insights and access to the best cannabis genetics on the planet. AJ also develops his own crosses which can be found at White Rabbit Cannabis.

While the brothers worked the farm and ran the business, their pop went to work on the brand. He spent time in recreational dispensaries studying the budtenders. He saw how important information on the packaging helped educate the front line of sales.  He also picked up from customers what kind of packaging worked best for showcasing product. As a result, both Magic Time Farms and From The Soil benefit from distinct packaging that puts the product on a pedestal. Artie also created a weekly flower report to keep vendors informed.

The reward of quality

The end result speaks for itself. Try the burn test. The properly cured flower burns to white ash, not the black ball of tar that many other buds leave. The focus on terpenes provides flavorful flower. While the strains are typically in the higher ranges of THC, the goal is not to chase those high levels of THC at the expense of losing vastly important entourage effect terpenes like mercene. Those terps play a critical roll in the exchange of the cannabinoids to the brain and body. In essence, they make the THC work better.

Some upcoming strains include Miami Heat, which is Miami Haze x Triple OG. Also, keep an eye out for  Chemdawg Supreme and Moosetracks, Jungle Boys and Garlic Cookies.

Artie credits the family success to the simple philosophy of “love what you do, do what you love”. He quotes the Dalai Lama mantra “If you find what you love to do, you never work a day in your life”

Tasting anything by From The Soil and Magic Time Farms, you feel the love.

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