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Lifter CBD Strain Review | Agro Mechanix

Lifter CBD by Agro Mechanix is a CBD-dominant strain that may lift your mood, relieve tension, and provide an overall sense of well-being. You can smoke it at any time of day without fear of being impaired. In my line of work inside and outside of the cannabis industry, anything that can relieve stress and tension and can be vaped or smoked at any time of day is a win in my book. Let’s dig in and learn more about this strain.

Lifter Packaging

Lifter Strain CBD Lineage

Lifter Lineage Chart

Estimated Terpene and Cannabinoid Profile

The user experience could differ. These are user reports of their experiences and an explanation of terpenes and their purported effects from scientific studies, not medical claims. Also bear in mind that terpene and cannabanoid profiles can change from grower to grower and crop to crop.

Major Terpenes:

Myrcene-Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Reliever, Sedative, Muscle Relaxant, Sleep Aid
Geraniol-Anti-Oxidant, Neuroprotectant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Microbial
Caryophyllene-Analgesic, Antibacterial, Anti-Depressant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Proliferative, Antioxidant, Anxiolytic, Neuroprotective
Terpinolene-Sedative, Pain Desensitizer, Antioxidant, Antifungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Tumor
Pulegone-Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Microbial, Pest Repellant, Anti-Inflammatory, Expectorant

Minor Terpenes:

Humulene-Sedative, Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Desensitizer, Pain Reliever, Anti-Carcinogenic, Antibacterial
Pinene-Energizing, Bronchodilator, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Anxiety, Pain Desensitizer
Ocimene-Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, AntiSeptic, Decongestant, Antibacterial
Limonene-Energizing, Anti-Depressant, Immunostimulant, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Anxiety, Pain Reduction
Linalool-Sedative, Anti-Depressant, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Convulsant, Pain Reduction



Lifter Review

Aroma: 6 – Lifter has a pleasant aroma for a CBD-only flower. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this had a sweet, berry-like aroma and a peppery, spicy piney hint to it as well.

Appearance: 5 – Not the most attractive, but not the least. It is just roughly trimmed, kind of green with a yellowish hue in places. There were no frosty trichomes, but none were really expected.

Flavor: 6 – The flavor matches the aroma; it doesn’t have a lot of terpene power, but it’s not offensive or completely bland. Again, a sweet and spicy flavor to match with the aroma.

Effects: 7 – Removed my headache completely; nice relaxing wave throughout the extremities. Overall, a pleasant sensation.

Overall Score Out of 10: 6

Lifter CBD Bud Closeup

Final Puff

I know, a mid-grade score doesn’t seem all that impressive. But when you take into account that it is pretty much just CBD and a negligible amount of THC, I would argue that it is a pretty good score. As a budtender, I am literally partaking of different strains on a daily basis, so to be almost void of THC and still score a 6 is solid in my book.

Overall, Lifter not a bad strain to have in the arsenal. Are you going to get high from it? Absolutely not, but that is kind of the point, isn’t it? Something to help you throughout the day that is not a pharmaceutical drug, and you can function without being intoxicated. I am prone to migraines and social anxiety, so having something that I can go to without having to be concerned about being high is great. The Lifter did as advertised, it lifted my mood, lifted my stress, my tension, and left me in a pretty happy and comfortable place. Come on down to the White Rabbit and pick up some Lifter today, or come check out some of our other great CBD products and lift your daily stress and discomforts away, all while still being able to go about your day!

Until next time, stay healthy and always take the “high” ground! ~ TerpzChaser

The Final Puff

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