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Lemon Alien OG | Laughing Man Farms

Lemon alien OG from Laughingman Farms is an indica dominant hybrid with a nice citrusy scent and sweet aftertaste.

Stop by on July 1st and celebrate our three year anniversary with us. We will have a store-wide discount of 10% off the entire store and some of our favorite producers will be stopping by to say hi.

Strain of the Week Lemon Alien OG

Lemon Alien OG from Laughing Man Farms brings an ethereal and out of this world lemon terpiness that defines the best Alien OG. This very indica dominant hybrid will take you to another planet, conduct a few experiments, then transport you back to Earth wondering if it was real or not.

Deals of the Week Anti-Matter Glass

Anti Matter Glass creates one of a kind pieces in a variety of shapes and styles. Get a nice piece or get one to give that special someone that deserves some quality glass because all our Anti Matter glass is on sale today.

June 26

Green Revolution Tincture Marked Down 15%

Green Revolution tinctures are notable for not just capturing the THC but also the beneficial natural cannabis terpenes. The result means a full entourage effect that is consistent with the strain it came from.  You get all the best parts of the plant which means all the best part of the desired effects.

Verdelux Chocolates!

Save 15% on the exquisite luxury of these super delicious chocolates. The Verdelux name guarantees quality craftsmanship. I seriously have not tasted cannabis infused chocolates this good since my last trip to Amsterdam.

15% OFF Medicine Woman And Lemon Alien OG

Medicine Woman joints will be marked down today. Strains while supplies last, #GorillaGlue4 #LaConfidential #GirlScoutCookies #CherryPie #CandyLand #SweetNSourWindow #HammerHead #BlueHarliquin

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