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LeafWERX | Jah Goo Cinderella 99 more strains | All 1/8ths on sale

LeafWerx creates some of the best concentrates in the world. Hands down, they set a remarkable standard for high quality dabs, carts, and more.


Farm of the Week

All Eighths On Sale!

LeafWERX delivers some great organic cannabis and this week we feature them as farm of the week. Get 15% off on LeafWERX 1/8ths! Check out the selection of strains because combined you could almost envision a delicious Rasta ganja dessert.

What Is Available From Leafwerx

Ranging from the classic Cinderella 99 to the unique Jah Goo, pick from sativas, indicas, and hybrids. While supplies last. Current strains include:
  • Angel Food Cake
  • Black Afghani Rose
  • Candy Apple
  • Cherry
  • Cinderella 99
  • Frosting
  • Jack Flash
  • Jah Goo

Leafwerx And More deals this week…

9lb hammer ultra refined leafwerx

Wednesday Jan 30 – Magic Kitchen on sale 15% off

Thursday Jan 31  – Blue Bastard pre-rolls on sale in an assortment of strains

Friday Feb 1 – Western Cultured Vendor Day, 4 to 7pm , Month long special on From the Soil and Magic Time Farms flower 20% off!, Agrijuana 1/4 1/2 and full ounces 15% off!

Saturday Feb 2 – Autrees discounted 15% off

Sunday Feb 3 – All drinks are off 12% off for Superbowl Sunday!

Monday Feb 4 – Archies Glass will be 15% off

Tuesday Feb 5 – Zoots Tinctures 15% off

Also… check out the freshly stocked Bargain Bin! Every Saturday we restock the bargain bin. Be prepared to find some incredible deals. Keep in mind, some products just get overlooked because they are new producers that don’t enjoy the familiarity others do. That makes them prime candidates for discovery! When they go in the bargain bin you can find insane deals. So keep an eye out for those diamonds in the rough.

February Month Long Special

From the Soil & Magic Time Farms

All month long save 20% on these producers amazing organic marijuana. They take their cultivation very seriously; very passionate about best organic practices and environmentally sustainable growing techniques. While supplies last!

Blue Bastard Prerolls

15% off on the Blue Bastard selection of prerolls on Thursday Jan 31.

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