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LaughingMan Farms Vendor Day Postponed

LaughingMan Farms was going to stop by for a vendor event but won’t be able to make it.


Unfortunately, the vendor day we had planned this week for LAUGHINGMAN FARMS has to be postponed. However, don’t blame LAUGHINGMAN FARMS, don’t blame us at White Rabbit Cannabis. Clearly, we certainly feel mutually disappointed about it. The event will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date.

Until then, let’s celebrate what we love about LAUGHINGMAN:

  • Organically grown weed

    We love those boutique grows that revere organic growing standards because they do not try to take shortcuts to quality. LAUGHINGMAN deploys state of the art LED grow lighting and these simulate ideal light conditions. Certain strains prefer specific spectrum of light, so the LED system dials in “lighting recipes” suited to the particular strains. Indeed, different strains respond enthusiastically to various spectrum profiles, so LAUGHINGMAN FARM’s uses technology to refine and improve growing conditions.

  • Hand watered and soil grown

    Growing weed through better technology doesn’t necessarily do everything. A loving touch and a green thumb make a huge difference too. Somewhere between the science and the spirit lies the art of growing. A loving touch provides that special quality which separates the very good from the incredibly awesome.

  • Trimmed by humans

    Sure,  a machine trim may expedite the process. However, a machine trim means the buds get ruthlessly chopped indiscriminately. Those precious trichromes get brushed off unecessarily. Sure, the nugs might end up being all looking uniform, but at what cost? A hand trim ensures that the best of the best stays that way. A human hand guided by a knowing eye delivers that special touch.  Hand trimmed buds keep all the best parts of the cola without shredding it into mindless uniformity.

So, we look forward to when LAUGHINGMAN FARMS show up. They produce some awesome organic cannabis.

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