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Laughingman Farms | Farm Special | Kendawg Lemon Alien Chernobyl


Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.

John Steinbeck


Laughingman Farms

Week Long Special

Chernobyl, Lemon Alien, Kendawg

10/6 to 10/13

Laughingman Farms brings the mirth that carries smiles to the universe. However, the serious care and attention they pay to producing amazing cannabis? No laughing matter. Everything that makes producing environmentally sustainable organic crops so difficult makes for a hard path. You have to be willing to go that extra mile up a steep hill. Laughingman Farms makes it look so easy you just have to laugh.

Zoots drops and shots

Tuesday 10/9

Zoots drops if you want to easily measure and mix into a beverage of your choice. Zoots shots for the energy boost. Both are great products that allow you to measure dosages easily. Use responsibly and keep out of the reach of children!

All cookies

Tuesday 10/10

So you like weed edibles? How do you like pot cookies? You don’t need to be a hippie to love canna cookies. However, you can give peace a chance and try some of our cookie selections.

Medicine Woman Prerolls


Great prerolls that burn smoothly and taste great. All the strains are marked down today if you want to grab a few.



Maui Wowie

US Cannabis

Go sailing on a warm breeze with a pod of porpoises splashing nearby. The power of a heritage strain like Maui Wowie is that it can transport you to a time and place, part reality, another illusion and magic. US Cannabis brings a powerful sativa dominant legend some Aloha spirit. I have to admit I was skeptical. Most people don’t know what true Maui Wowie produced in Hawaii tastes and feels like. So the challenge to create authentic maui wowie seemed insurmountable. Pleasantly surprised – the smell of melons and papaya with a bit of pine – then “The Test of One”. It made the one hit wonder grade.


Fairwinds tinctures are marked down 25% all month long! Come into get any of the Fairwinds tincture products to suit the usage you desire. They have different cbd to thc ratios, indica and sativas, something for every taste. Use wisely. The measuring dropper is there for a reason…


25% off Leafwerx lil blazers!

Leafwerx lil blazers 25% off? Time to hop in for an excellent deal on a phenomenal preroll!


Check us out on Instagram¬†and learn all about “White Rabbitude” Peace, love, and great cannabis, share the joy. That is what having a great White Rabbitude is all about!


Soulshine Cannabis

Saturday 10/13/18

15% OFF!

Let your Soulshine!


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