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Kush Wreck Dynamic Harvest Product Review | White Rabbit

Kush wreck strain is a nicely balanced hybrid.

No Walking Away From A Kush Wreck

Dynamic Harvest covers a great range of strains and Kush Wreck comes rolling on with three wheels on a wagon and no brakes running down a curvy road. You can pretty much guess what happens next but the fun lay in not knowing what happens next. Getting wrecked by great kush. That’s what happens.

A hybrid of OG Kush and Trainwreck

What do you expect when you cross a classic OG Kush with Trainwreck? The Kush delivers the mountain terrain and lofty aspect of the buzz, while the sativa aspects of the Trainwreck offer a ride over the edge into a tumble of thoughts.

Let it ride. Keep your hands off the steering wheel. Let the happenstance happen. Stay loose and you should be fine.

Kush Wreck rides like a nine mile skid on a ten mile track. You might think you are going to crash but in the end you can walk away fine and feeling lucky to have enjoyed the ride.

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