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Kush Cake Strain Review | Indo Cannabis

Kush Cake by Indo Cannabis, the phrase “Kush Cake” alone makes you think of sweet, spongy, cake that gets your mouth watering at the mere thought of it. Who doesn’t love cake? For that matter, in the cannabis world, who doesn’t love Kush? So why not put it together into a delicious strain, and then do a great representation of it? Indo Cannabis did it with Kush Cake, a 40% Sativa x 60% Indica cross between Cherry Pie and GSC, and we all get to benefit.

Kush Cake in Sealed Mylar Bag

Who Are You Indo Cannabis?

Indo Cannabis is a division of Agrijuana a cultivator in Battle Ground Washington. Their growing practices include energy efficient LED light technology, and sustainability that makes them effective and “green”.

Per their own words “At INDO Cannabis, we are co-creators of happy memories, moments of relief and uninhibited relaxation. We are cultivators, producers, processors, purveyors and innovators of cannabis in its different forms. Our mission is to make products that create value in our customer’s lives. Our straightforward brand is full of products for all types of people and INDO Cannabis is dedicated to educating and showing how easy it can be to incorporate the benefits of cannabis and different cannabinoids into your life!”

With products that vary from flower, to cartridges, to lotions and gels to help with aches and pains, it really seems these guys cover it all. Today however is about the flower, more specifically Kush Cake.

Kush Cake Bud with Bag and Grinder

The Breakdown

This is the second strain review I have written about Indo. You wouldn’t know it as I have yet to post the first. Something about forgetting to take pictures during the process. You know what they say, pictures are worth a thousand words! So that one will have to wait for now.

In the meantime I will say I have never smoked anything from Indo before and I am happy to say I was delightfully surprised. From the extensive internal trichome structure, to  perfectly cured bud, Indo does a great job drying/curing. It is not so dry that it crumbles when you touch it, but not overly moist that it burns the throat when smoking. The resin holds the bud together like glue, and when you grind it up it releases the delicious aromas and lets you know you made a great decision.

Interior of Kush Cake Bud

Kush Cake Aroma and Taste

Minty, Earthy, Sweet aromas filled my nostrils as I tore open the bag, only to be intensely magnified upon grinding it up in my Kannastor grinder. You will enjoy a spicy, peppery, and minty inhale, with a sweet minty vanilla follow through on the exhale. Your mood should improve, annoying aches and pains may dissipate, and you will feel refreshed. Kush Cake may leave you feeling happy, tingly, and able to interact and not be fully couch locked while still allowing you to be able to sleep when it is time. This particular batch was pushing 24% THC levels, so new partakers beware! The more you intake the more that couch lock/bed time may become your reality, as was the case for me as mentioned below.

Science Stuff

Here are the Top 3 Terpenes for Kush Cake and what they are reported as helpful for, what aroma/flavors they provide, and where they are found in nature besides cannabis. These are not official medical claims, these are merely reported effects from other consumers. Personal biology results may vary:

Caryophyllene : Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Reduction, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-Depressive, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Viral | Spicy, Peppery, Pungent | Cloves, Black Pepper
Eucalyptol: Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Pain Reduction, Cognitive Function, Lowers Blood Pressure | Minty, Cooling | Eucalyptus Trees, Bay Leaves, Cardamom, Tea Tree, Sage
Limonene: Anti-Depressive, Anti-Anxiety, *May Inhibit Tumor Growth (Still Being Studied) | Fruity, Citrus | Lemon Rind, Orange Rind, Juniper

Whole Black Pepper Next to Ground Black Pepper   Spice Clove   Leaves Eucalyptus   Juniper Berries on tree

Personal Effects of Kush Cake

Comfortable, the primary word I would use to describe Kush Cake right now. It’s that oversized sweatshirt, listening to music in your headphones, sitting on the back deck allowing your day to melt away kind of feeling. All whilst bearing a Cheshire grin. M arthritic pain has dissipated, my muscular structure is relaxing, and I am going to have to finish this review tomorrow as I now need to go to bed.

Bud on top of grinder close up

The Final Puff of Kush Cake

Look, I am the first to admit, I love cannabis. It takes a pretty bad experience to make me not like something. I am not going to come on here and recommend something I wouldn’t partake of myself. When I say do yourself a favor and try these guys out I 100% stand behind that comment. Kush Cake has proven to be that comforting friend. The kind of friend you can be in the room with, not speak a word to, and still feel content. I highly recommend you come by White Rabbit Cannabis and get some while it is still on the shelves. Maybe even before my next shift because I may just buy it all! I am joking people… there is plenty for everyone.

The Final Puff

Until next time, stay healthy and always take the “high” ground! ~ TerpzChaser

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