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Kibble Junction Concentrates

Kibble Junction Concentrates hit the shelves at White Rabbit Cannabis recently and so far the feedback is excellent. Indeed, the Caterpillar selects the Kibble Junction concentrates for this weeks concentrate special. Get 15% off today on Kibble Junction Concentrates!

Say High To Kibble Junction Concentrates

Kibble Junction concentrates feature classic strains in bho extracted dabs. Right now we have that perennial favorite, DJ Short Blueberry, but check the site for more info and other flavors.

wavy blue strain kibble junction

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Specials coming this week

August 4 – August 10

15% off 

  • 8/4 Kibble Junction Concentrates
  • 8/5 Nectar Collectors
  • 8/6 Wild Side beverages
  • 8/7 Ceres Edibles
  • 8/8 Sitka Prerolls
  • 8/9 Aloha flower 1/4 oz and higher
  • 8/10 Spady Bud featured farm

5th Element

Mt Baker Gardens

Strain of the Week August 4-10
Indica Dominant Hybrid

5th Element strain from Mt Baker Gardens delivers yet another top shelf indica dominant hybrid. This strain crosses Blackberry X and OG Kush. On sale this week for 15% off while supplies last.

With 5th Element, the Blackberry offers excellent fruity sweet taste and of course OG kush is the parent of just about every great indica strain known on the planet.

August 5

15% Off Nectar Collectors

Get a great new Nectar Collector and take advantage of a 15% off discount today. Nectar Collectors are the ideal tool for your dabs!

August 6

Wild Side infused 15% OFF

My wife just tried Wild Side infused beverages and loved it! She is not as much of a weed fanatic as I am so it made me happy to find something she actually likes.

August 7

15% Off Ceres edibles!

Ceres edibles make delicious cannabis infused treats. They are on sale today for 15% off.

August 8

15% OFF SItka Prerolls!

Sitka provides some of the best hash you can find and their prerolls are out of this world as well. High praise, especially for the hash infused prerolls they do. All Sitka prerolls on sale today for 15% off!

Trail Blazin’ Cannabis 20% off in August!

Our month long special features Trail Blazin Cannabis! This award winning vendor grows some fantastic organic cannabis and we thank them for making this big discount possible!

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