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Kibble Junction Dabs

Kibble Junction dabs sit at the junction of tasty and potent. Also, Caterpillar chooses them for concentrate of the day. So, say hello to 15% off all day long for Kibble Junction great concentrates!

Kibble Junction Dabs 15% Off

In addition to Caterpillar’s Choice concentrate sale on Kibble Junction, but check out the other daily and weekly sales going on too:

  • Sunday –  Caterpillar’s Choice Kibble Junction dabs
  • Monday – Metal paraphernalia
  • Tuesday – Happy Apple Infused Beverages
  • Wednesday – Magic Kitchen infused edibles
  • Thursday – STORE CLOSED Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  • Friday – Fairwinds Vendor Day from 4 to 7pm, so enjoy 15% off on Fairwinds products during the event
  • Saturday – Noble Farms featured farm of the day, all products from Noble Farms on sale

Kibble Junction Dabs Catepillar’s Choice

Sunday, when a little dab will definitely do ya!

kibble junction dabs

Pura Vida OG

Strain Of The Week

Pura Vida OG puts the Pura Vida touch on the classic OG. Pura Vida OG crosses LA Pure Kush with Appalachia. The flavor is piney but with hints of lemon and a wisp of rose. Nice heady brightness, full of energy but balanced with calm so it doesn’t feel racy or anxious. A very pleasant take on OG kush.

Pura Vida Cannabis

All cannabis grown by Pura Vida gets cold cured. This preserves terpenes so you get a full flavored smoke. Taste the difference.

Metal Paraphernalia Sale

Metal paraphernalia marked down 15% on Monday. So, stop cursing when you break your glass. Get a piece that lasts. The only time you will be cursing it? Well, maybe if you can’t remember where you put it.

Happy Apple

Happy Apple infused juice drinks taste so freaking good! The infusion of thc and or cbd counts as a plus, but the taste alone blows your mind.

Kibble Junction Dabs

They brew some fine concentrates in Brewster WA, home of the great Kibble Junction. While supplies last, we have Lemon OG, DJ Short Blueberry, and Lemon Diesel.

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