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Smoking with the Caterpillar

Kendawg by Laughing Man Farms

Kendawg by Laughing Man Farms reviewed by the Caterpillar. Down the rabbit hole we go…

The Legendary Kendawg Strain

Yes, I know what you are thinking, “We hear nothing for months and then suddenly there is two reviews in rapid succession?”.  As I have already explained, I have done literally nothing, not even evolving so I have a great deal of pent-up energy that I must be rid of. Tonight, I am smoking a Sativa of outstanding quality.

The Kendawg Strain Genetics

The breeding is Chem Dawg #4 x Ken’s GDP and I can tell you, it has the potential to rip your face off. This is not the sort of thing that you sit around with a friend and smoke a fat gram between you. I began my session with three hits from the vaporizer and three bong hits. After about an hour I had two more bong hits follow by three. I can tell that 1 hour in I’m probably 5 tokes over the line. This hit fast and then went into this weird creepy crawly thing that consumes your mind from within.

I find myself delighted by my own musings and periodically must stop typing while I laugh for a bit. It’s a good thing I have sixteen feet so I can make up for lost time at the keyboard. I can type 132 words per minute which could be improved dramatically if I weren’t a hunt and pecker.

How Good Is It?

OK, let’s get to work. Tonight’s selection is a White Rabbit original, and to my knowledge offered exclusively by Laughing Man Farms of Vashon Island. As a buyer, there is nothing more rewarding than giving a new grower their first shot at getting into a store and then having them hit a home run during their first at bat. It’s happened a few times for us, and it just happened again through a coincidental connection with Bruce.

In this game, there are “Pot People” and “Money People” and I am here to tell you the quality of his product Geoff Reading is “Pot People”; you don’t find pheno’s this good and then grow them this well if you are not.

I will begin my study of Kendawg with my standard nose in the bag technique. My first impression is spicy pine, perhaps more likened to juniper with a hint of sage. Sort of sour with delicate sweet undertones and a stubborn minty feel in the nasal passages.

I broke apart a sticky bud and after grinding I heated it in a DaBudda table top vaporizer. The inhale was smooth and stable as it swirled gently in my lungs, the exhale was soft and fresh and resulted in a giant terpene sneeze. It had a wonderful aftertaste that lingered for at least 10 minutes and left my mouth feeling cool when I breathe in.

My physical senses are heightened and I feel intellectually stimulated which in my case usually sends me off in twelve directions at once. This is not a smoke for novices who might find this to be one of those scary Sativa’s that demand energy. On the other hand, if you want to get some shit done or make some cool art until three in the morning this might just be what you’re looking for. The preceding bong hits were just as pleasant as the vape, with no coughing, but the aftertaste was diminished. I would recommend vaping in this case. The ash burned white and disintegrated when kissed goodbye with my breath so it was clearly well flushed and cured to perfection. I am really enjoying this ganja, the heightened awareness makes me feel like I have bat hearing and insect strength. Oh wait, I do have insect strength.

My recommendation with this strain is to go slow, a couple hits then wait a bit. I’m three hours in and there is no sign of diminishing. It would go really well with backpacking, a barbecue, dancing or some other physical activity that didn’t involve machinery. I imagine it would pair well with spicy food, single malt whiskey, or lumpy huckleberry sauce drizzled over vanilla ice cream.

Like everything these days, the marijuana industry is changing fast and we are beginning to see craft growers emerge,  who really care about the product they bring to the table and this fine example of weed displays all the attributes of craft growing. This was only the first grow so I must reserve a point and a half for later and give this Kendawg a 4.85 of 5 because it’s only going to get better.

Warm Regards,
The Caterpillar

Strain Kendawg / Soil / 2 week honey flush/ organically grown under LED lights
Type Sativa / Chemdawg #4 x Kens Granddaddy Purple (Sativa Dominate Pheno)
Grower Laughing Man Farms / Vashon Island
THC 28.8 %
Terpenes 2.22% / Predominate Humulene/ Alpha Pinene
Cure Very Good
Breeder Dungeons Vault Genetics

Perhaps a time will again come when we consider the merits of having enough rather than having it all.

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