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Kali Mist Weekly Specials

Kali Mist provides weekly summaries of the daily specials to enjoy. Save on great cannabis products, and get some straight feedback from our experienced tender.

The Kali Mist Daily Dose Of Savings

I work in the store but online call me “Kali Mist”! I may not know all our products personally through experience, but I’ll share what I know. If I hear good things from someone else, then happy to share.

 Sunday Jan 5th

Orgrow Concentrates will be 15% off

Orgrow has been spending years perfecting their craft and can now say they have one of the finest EHO products in Washington State. For those who don’t know, EHO stands for Ethanol Hash Oil.

These tasty little grams will fill you up with joy and a feeling of peace! We have sugar wax’s, Gelato and Afghan Cookies! Both are going to be an Indica hybrid, the Gelato being the more hybrid of the two. If you need something heavier, you can call on Obama Kush also known as Presidential OG.

Monday Jan 6th

Big Blowout 20% off all glass

I’m sure by now you already have your favorite bowl or bong, maybe someone gifted you something new for the holidays? But do you have the perfect accessories to go with it?

Breaking apart your weed by hand can be fine for most bowls, but I’ve personally noticed the nug may become ashen and coal like pretty early on. You know the deal, even though there is still good green in the middle.

A way to prevent that and get an even burn all the way through your flower is by using a Grinder!

These are a basic must in any stoners arsenal because it breaks apart your flower into more manageable sizes. This helps it burn much more evenly, and in this budtenders opinion, the experience is made more smooth as well.

We do have some grinders that are strictly for breaking up flower, and then we have some that also include a keif catch! These are helpful because you can collect and save your kief for other uses. Be it topping off a nice bowl, infusing your next pre-roll, or making your own hash or edibles!

If you already own a grinder, I kindly ask you check your middle screen, is it really caked and breaking apart? Then it’s time for a new one! We have many colors and a couple of sizes for you to choose from, including some with our familiar White Rabbit Logo. This Blow Out Special is going to last all month long!

Tuesday Jan 7th

Ray’s Lemonades  will be discounted 15%

Ray’s Lemonade ‘Takes the Egg’ as far as this budtender is concerned. It tastes like an actual fruity lemonade, rather than being bitter and sour. I thought the Raspberry couldn’t be beat but now I see they have a Dragon Fruit Lemonade and a Mango Lemonade!

Mango has the terpene Myrcene. Myrcene apparently can help with digestion, reduce inflammation, help intensify a high and can keep the experience going longer, pretty rad right? If you’re one that struggles to feel effects from edibles, give the Mango Lemonade a try.

I know the raspberry got me good so I can only imagine how much stronger it would be with the extra Myrcene. I also have a theory… If you’re one to say, “Edibles just don’t work on me” then try a liquid edible, such as lemonade or fruit juice.

Not only will it be tasty but the high from it is super relaxing and chill for an evening. Not to overwhelm you with flavors, but Ray’s Lemonade also makes Strawberry and Original Lemonade. With all these choices and tasty flavors it’s hard not to pick up one of each. I normally don’t have to wait but 30 mins before I start to feel the ‘chill’ come in strong! Too much and you’ll have a great night’s sleep, but just the right amount can give you the best night of your week!

Wednesday Jan 8th

Verdelux will be discounted 15%

Anyone here have a sweet tooth? I have a whole mouth of them! Wednesday is the greatest day for sweet tooth cravings or even some sugar free needs! This week we have Verdelux Candies as our weekly special.

We carry their popular BonBombs; chunks of chocolate that’s so rich and delicious you don’t feel compelled to eat more than one or two at a time! (Great for portion control.) If you’re not a chocolate fan never fear, BonBombs also carries a delectable Honey Caramel so smooth and creamy it just melts in your mouth.

But let me tell you, you really must like Honey as a flavor because wowy is there so much delicious honey packed into each bite! Okay, I’ll admit sometimes chocolate or caramel can be a heavier snack. Sometimes something light and small can be even more satisfying.

In that case I’d suggest the fruity Illumination Hard Candies! They have many flavors to choose from including a delicious melon to a sweet lemon mint! Verdelux has even made their Illumination candies Vegan friendly so even more people can enjoy their illuminating moments!

Thursday Jan 9th

Sweetwater pre-rolls will be discounted 15%

Okay ya’ll, this one is harder for me because I don’t often smoke these joints. Don’t get me wrong, I love Sweetwater Farm’s flower, it’s extremely tasty and often has heavy effects. I still rave about their Space Candy and Peaches and Cream. But their joints don’t make their way into my hold bag as often. Not unless I see a strain I must have.

I find I sometimes need to massage them a little or pack it a little tighter, and then I have a perfectly smoking joint. A little extra work yes, but well worth it for the high that I receive. That is my only peeve though.

Their Key Lime Chronic is a delightful sativa hybrid that has a sweet and tangy flavor, or go for their very popular Primus. This body hitting strain will help ease you into a peaceful night. We also have their Mama Mia, Mystic Ribbon, and their special Barrel Aged Primus, just as groovy as their normal Primus, but with a far more refined and whiskey like flavor.

Roll on into our Rabbit Roll Day every Thursday!

Friday Jan 10th

Fainting Goat (Ounces Only) for large quantities

It’s okay to leave the fainting to the professionals, the Goats! Though you may wish to faint at these low prices during our Frabjous Day Deal! Because we have so many of them, we’re choosing to select only the Fainting Goat Ounces for this week’s large quantity special.

The force is often here with Death Star, a heavy Indica, and a few other Indica, and Indica leaning hybrids. Raspberry Kush feels like a giggly dream, Animal Cookies delights the mind while relaxing the body, and while I’ve never had French Bread, I’m curious to try it.

For today you don’t have to be a “Happy Cabbage” to buy it

Saturday Jan 11th

Endo is our Featured Farm today

To be honest, I don’t know too much about our Featured Farm this week. We brought Endo Farms in about a month ago as an addition to our budget line. Their flower looks nice for the price point and is selling well.

Acapulco Gold is harder to come by these day’s and has been flying off the shelf, Mr. Clean can help motivate you along your day, and afterwards Grape Popinski can relax you into a pleasant evening.

I’ve tried many different types of flower in my time, I’ve noticed that even though some vendors grow the same strain, they don’t always have the same effects.

Dj Short Blueberry is one of the few exceptions.

I’m not sure if maybe it’s a super happy plant for most people, but everyone I’ve smoked has been the same in effects, a super light chill high with a pleasant mixture of euphoria and numbness. I’ve also noticed that Dj Short Blueberry is calming to the stomach, and thus can help with several things such as nausea and anxiety. This light Indica is a good choice for daytime needs as well.

“Kali Mist” is our online budtender. Indeed, Kali Mist is a real person but the “Kali Mist” name is her alias. (No, were not running out of characters from “Alice In Wonderland” but all the suitable ones were taken) Her opinions and experience with the products we carry is second to none. Because Kali Mist has a passion for cannabis and enjoys it both for pleasure but also with deep respect for its medical properties.

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