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Jack Skellington | Agrijuana | Farm of the Week

Jack Skellington strain from Agrijuana is on sale this week.

Jack Skellington Sativa Cross

According to Leafy, it is by TGA Genetics and it is a 70% sativa cross between Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper.
“TGA sought out the most resin-heavy phenotypes of each parent for an ideal, crystal-coated offspring. With a fruity citrus and diesel aroma, Jack Skellington promises an intensely psychoactive experience that brings creativity and introspection to a new level. “
The strain earned a reputation for mildly psychedelic effects, so expect a very colorful and heady vibe. For sativa fans, this strain is perfect. However, for those less inclined to the trippy effects of potent sativas might look elsewhere in the shop.
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Jack Skellington On Sale

This week, find 15% off  on this great strain from 10/28 to 11/3. Come on in for some Halloween treats! With a name like that, you know it is just right for some Halloween style partying, right?

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