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Jack Herer Strain | 2727 | Review

Jack Herer, one of the great patriots of cannabis legalization, deserves a strain named in his honor. His seminal work, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” placed one of the cornerstones of the cannabis legalization movement. So a strain named in his honor must hold a very high standard. Say no more.

The Jack Herer Strain By 2727

Every bit as classic a character as Jack Herer himself, his namesake strain possesses a great legacy as well. Known has a sativa dominant hybrid, the much heralded genetics derive from northern lights #5, a haze hybrid, and shiva skunk. This weave of strains creates the sort of sativa fans of sativa know and love.

But it is also the sort of sativa that some folks wish to avoid. Like turning on a bulb, or turning it off, each action has a beneficial result. Just depends if you want light and bright or dark and meditative. If you want lights down low to chillax then Jack Herer strain isn’t ideal. This is the strain for going out for a hike and discovering something extraordinary along the way…sunshine! (Even on a cloudy day!)

Brighter colors, with ideas floating in and out on the rainbows of imagination and dancing between once cloudy thoughts turning into crystal blue sky clarity. The sort of sativa that might make you think first and ask questions later. But that could easily flip to the other way around. Light and dark. On and off. And on again.

A sativa lovers sativa.

So How Was The 2727 Jack Herer?

In the bag, the scent soars with excellent rosy notes, balanced with a sprucy pine quality. A bit of sweet grassiness. The buds is trimmed hard, with dense and tight little nugs. It smokes relatively smoothly, but I experienced just a bit of harshness on a medium sized bong load. Went a bit smaller on the next and didn’t have any issues.

So, the bud is just a bit on the dry side, but it isn’t the quality of the flush or anything chemically induced, like pesticides for example.

Speaking Of Cannabis And Pesticides

As a fan of transparency himself, Jack Herer would surely applaud disclosing use of pesticides. 2727 does use pesticides, but they use ones that pass the toughest standards, like OMRI. So, best to know and understand why they are used and why they are considered safe for use in cannabis products. 

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