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Island Gro Vendor Day

Island Gro is a boutique, hands on, small cannabis farm in Washington.

Island Gro

Vendor Day

Friday Jan 4, 4 to 7pm

Island Gro visits White Rabbit today from 4 to 7pm to talk shop and showcase their organic cannabis. Check out their Gorilla Glue which has a bright vibrant green color that sparkles with trichromes. Very tasty!

What Makes Island Gro Special?

Island Gro is the sort of cannabis producer White Rabbit takes great pride in finding. They may not be a huge farm, but they take time and care. They grow outdoors, and they manage it well. Not everyone can say the same, since growing in sunlight is much different.

For those who love outdoor, old school style flower, then they will love it.


island gro gg#4

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