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Honu | Vendor Day 4pm to 7pm | Sale Today

Honu stops by for a vendor event.

Honu coconut snowballs

Check Out Our Honu Vendor Day

Honu brings Aloha spirit to their products, you can feel the love and attention they pay to creating excellent celebrations of cannabis. They are known for having a great assortment of classic sweet treats infused with their own strain distillates.

Honu Is An Award Winner

. From the flower to the edibles, everything Honu does they do well. However, their award winning edibles are where they stand out. Infused “turtles”, “snowballs” and more, and all are delicious!

Honu brings Aloha spirit to their products, you can feel the love and attention they pay to creating excellent celebrations of cannabis

Honu Concentrates Sunday 9/30

A great week only climbs the heights of amazing epic when the weekend finds you with not just one day of Honu love, but continues with Honu concentrates on sale on Sunday. In case you didn’t know, the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, known as “Honu,” symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life. Honu represent a guardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.” No matter how lost, a Honu will always find the way home.

honu edibles

Bacon’s Buds Saturday 9/29

Have you tried Bacon’s Buds yet? I just tried their Rainmaker and I have to say that it completely surprised me how nuanced and beguiling it was. Review follows below.


Starting Monday Oct 1 Fairwinds tinctures will be 25% OFF ALL MONTH LONG! This is an amazingly steep discount on a wonderful product.

Review Rainmaker Bacon’s Buds

I have to admit it. I had a hard time opening the Bacon’s Buds Rainmaker packaging, which is of course a good thing. It tends to be a sign that the vendor cared about the packaging and wanted to preserve the product that they put into in the first place.

The sweet scent of indica dominant Rainmaker which is a cross of Citral Skunk X Mandarin Skunk strain. The citrus notes go without saying, but there are more layers of flavor, like sweet apricot and currants. Rainmaker is known as a potent strain and the Bacon’s Buds version at 27% THc definitely delivered the magic carpet ready to ride, no instructions required.

Last Chance!

Black Cherry Soda from Mink Farms on 9/29 is the last day of being our strain of the week. Only while supplies last!

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Fairwinds Mon 10/1 25% OFF!

Fairwinds makes a variety of tinctures so you can easily find one that fits your choice. More cbd? No problem. High thc? Good there too. How about one for your pet? Yes, got it covered. Woof!

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