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Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes is our featured brand this week.

Holy Smokes and Hash Day Specials

Sunday 8th  –   Hash Day Concentrates will be 15% off
Besides having Holy Smokes on sale this week, have you heard? All the Hash in the House special today during our Caterpillars Concentrates Deal. Today, Sitka lovers come grab your favorites. We also have this new hash vendor – Chong’s Choice-  I love how easy it is to take a small bit of it to load in your bowl. I bought one from one of our last batches, took it apart as easy as play-dough.
Rolled 5 joints with small chunks of goodness and I enjoyed each one. I’m determined to get more of this super amazing product! If this is your first time trying hash, I highly recommend coming into White Rabbit today!

Paraphernalia Special

Monday 9th –   All Paraphernalia is 20% off or more!
Looking for something out of the ordinary this year? Our Cheshire Cat stocked up on different and unusual pipes! Ocean themed pipes such as shells or dolphin shaped pipes, and some that  look good enough to eat.
Can you imagine an apple shaped bubbler? Every day for the month of December save on glass and paraphernalia for the gift giving season. Find all your 21+ stocking-stuffers this year at White Rabbit!

Infused Herbal Tea

Tuesday 10th  – Tea discounted 15%
There’s something to be said about a tranquil cup of tea. It’s warming and calming to the spirit in a single cup. Now, mix this comforting drink with a favorite pass-time.
High Tea Offers a Sencha Green Tea, a Masala Chai, and a PM Dream-time formula! Each serving makes a cup and holds a single serving of 10mg THC. The cannabis goes alongside the natural relaxing herbs you know and love.

Enjoy Ceres Infused Edibles

Wednesday 11th  –  Ceres edibles will be discounted 15%
Love, thy name is Ceres Edibles. These delicious little fruit drops melt in my mouth and melts away my troubles in a tasty fruity blend. Not only are there fun flavors you know and love, but Ceres has a mixed flavored pack for when one flavor just isn’t enough. These Drops of goodness packs more punch than one would imagine! Taking your taste buds to a fruity get-away while your mind and body relaxed from a long day. Fruit drops not your thing? Ceres also offers a spicy sweet chilly caramel ball that will melt on your tongue in more ways than one! Tasty treats in town today at White Rabbit!

Holy Smokes Premium Infused Prerolls

Thursday 12th  –  Holy Smokes pre-rolls will be discounted 15%
Holysmokes! These premium joints are flying off the shelves! Created by Blue Bastard, Holy-Smoke pre-rolls are rolled with love, and of course some grade A oil and kief.
Not only rolled all together on the inside of the joint, but they’ve smeared some terp sauce on the outside and coat it in some amazing kief! You’ll feel the labor of love with every puff you take.

Get Some WEED!

Friday 13th  –  WEED for large quantities
WEED makes it pretty easy to find some great deals. So, pair it with our weekly specials you’ve got a potent mixture of inexpensive and effective product. Every Friday we have a different vendor on special for a large quantity deal. Rotating who’s up to bat every week.
This week we’ve chosen one of our newer vendors in the house, named simply WEED, their motto – “Shut up and smoke it!” Come give this grower a fair try on a day when you wont have to break your bank.

Doc Croc All Products Reduced

Saturday 14th –  Doc Croc  is our featured farm today
“Born in Australia, Grown in Washington, USA” Doc Croc grows premium quality, indoor hydroponic flower and kief.  They strive to bring each individual customer, a pleasant and reliable experience.
Caterpillar says “You gotta give these guy’s a try! Well worth it!” Come visit us this Saturday for our Featured Farm Day. This means everything from one specific vendor goes on special all day long! Its a perfect opportunity to try someone you haven’t tried before, or products you wouldn’t normally think about for yourself.
Saturdays are perfect for treating yourself with something new!
doc croc logo

Strain Of The Week

Get Ron Burgundy An Indica Hybrid 15% off 
Ron Burgundy – I hear it tastes good and feels chill. I need to smoke some and watch “Anchorman”.

Holy Smokes makes me believe in miracles. Blue Bastard prerolls never fail. But I have to say, their Holy Smokes take “infused joints” to another level.

Holy Smokes Infused Prerolls Special

On Thursday, Dec. 12, check out the heavenly Holy Smokes prerolls. Rolled with oil and kief on the inside and on the outside. Terp sauce no less! It is like our prayers were answered. The perfect joint. Peace on Earth comes next.

Wild Mint And Northwest Wonderland

Both of these make awesome stocking stuffers. Get them all December for 25% off. So nice a price Santa thinks it’s naughty.

Bargain Bin reminder: Who doesn’t like saving some coin? Always remember to check out the Bargain Bin when your here, who know’s you might walk out then a better deal than you expected!


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